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Past Award Winners

Bert C. Ahrens Achievement Award

Recognizes a former or present Member who has made outstanding contributions to NAEP and the procurement profession over an extended period of time. This award is the highest form of recognition offered by the Association.

2019 William Cooper
2018 Phil Abruzzi
2017 Bill Harris
Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
2015 Thomas Kaloupek
2014 Patricia Moore
2013 Sandy Hicks
2012 John Riley
2011 Eddie Jackson
2010 John Stephen Klopp
2009 William Hardiman
2008 William Haas
Victoria (Tory) Windley
2007 Ray T. Jensen
2005 Richard Scharff
2001 Nancy Tregoe
2000 Ronald J. Santi
1999 Joseph T. Bond
1998 Ronald C. Jones

Neil D. Markee Communicator of the Year Award

Recognizes a Member who made the most outstanding contribution to the profession during the year through written or spoken word.

2019 Veronica Cook-Euell
Daysha Holmes
Justin Sullivan
2018 Mike Chmielewski
2017 Greg Macway
Karen Harthorn
2015 Finesha Colton-Lee
2014 David J. Wright
2013 Wendy Burchard
2012 Nancy Brooks
2011 Craig Passey
2010 Linda Collins
2009 No recipient
2008 Cory Harms
2007 Alan Phillips
2005 Victoria (Tory) Windley
2004 Burr Millsap
2003 Eddie Jackson
2002 Burr Millsap
2001 John Riley
1999 Brian K. Yeoman
1998 Richard L. Mooney

Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes individual Members who have provided extraordinary service to their institutions, the higher education community, the Association, or the purchasing profession.

 2019 Joan Anderson
Michael LaGrassa
Michael McNamara
 2018 Donna Doty
Cory Harms
Deanne Lahaie-Noll
2017  Kevin Carr
Burr Millsap
Jennifer Miracle
Jennifer Adling
Judy Rees
2015 Terry Tzitzis
Tamara Gash

Carol Barnhill
Michael McNamara
Richard Worden

2013 Karin Coopersmith
Linda Fast
Karen Gross
2012 Charlene Lydick
2011 Stan Behnken
Denise Finn
2010 Tom Fogarty
Lorelei Meeker
2009 Starlene Jackson
2008 Mike Chmielewski
Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle
Robert D. Wood
2007 Marilyn Bottrell
Wayne Holly
2006 Bob Ashby
2005 Martha Plyler
Pat Moore
Eddie Jackson
2004 David Lord
John Riley
2003 Laurence Snell
2002 Steve Mack
2001 Mona Goldsmith-West
2000 Ray Jensen
1999 Bill Haas
1998 Alan Raedels
Bill Hardiman

Volunteer of the Year Award

Acknowledges and recognizes the voluntary achievements of a current Member who has contributed significant time and resources to benefit the overall goals of NAEP.

2019 Eric Dickey
Duane Tucker
Thomas Youngs
 2018 Allison Canada
Alan Leonard
Greg Macway
2017 Duane Bullock
Jesse Moore
Debbie Deacy
Tonia Lawson
Sandy Benoit
 2015 Mary Ellen McClellan
2014 Denise Finn
W. Thomas Kaloupek
2013 Elizabeth Lees
2012 Karen Gross
Therese "Terri" Locher
Duane Tucker

Young Professional in Procurement Award

Recognizes the efforts of an outstanding young procurement professional who has fewer than 10 years of experience in the education procurement industry and is 40 years old or less.

2019 Jennifer Leckerling
Jesse Mader
Chrisann McCloy

Greg Macway
Kayci Puckett
Lucas Schau

2017 Kara Finch
Joshua Dodson
Houcine Chraibi
Alex Orosz
Sara Luther
2015 Blake Reagan
2014 Shelby Slaugenhaupt
Stacy Sassman
2013 Jason Laubach
Finesha Colton-Lee
2012 Farrah Bustamante
2011 Alexandra Fuentes
Missty Kennedy
2010 Travis Ball
2009 Nicolle Gaillard
2008 Brad Leigh
2007 Cory Harms
Elliote Simpson

Award of Excellence in Procurement

Awarded to an institution on the basis of the procurement department's contribution to, and support of, the mission of their institution through an exemplary initiative or endeavor.

 2019 Southern New Hampshire University
University of California - Davis
 2018 Texas Tech University
University of California-San Francisco
University of California Office of the President & California State University Chanceller's Office
2017 Cornell University
No recipient
2015 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
University of Colorado
2014 Houston Community College System
Iowa State University
2013 University of Maine System
2012 Boston College
University of St. Thomas, MN
2011 University of California, San Diego
University of Virginia
2010 Emory University
University of Colorado
2009 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
University of Missouri
2008 Virginia Tech
2007 University of Pennsylvania

Professional Perspective Award

Awarded to the author of the highest-rated and best-received article featured in the Educational Procurement Journal.

2018 Veronica Cook-Euell
Shane Boyle
2017 Raymond Hsu
Kerry Kahl
Nancy Brooks
2015 Kimberly Dulaney
2014 Kimberly Dulaney
2013 Ken Baushke
2012 W. Timothy Hill
2011 Nicole Lamb
2010 Cory Harms
2009 Brian Rounsavill
Chris Mihok
Jim Hine
Judy Smith
John Riley
Kevin Lyons
Michael LaPointe
2008 Brian Rounsavill
Chris Mihok
Jim Hine
Judy Smith
John Riley
Kevin Lyons
Michael LaPointe
2007 Cory Harms
2006 Mike LaGrassa
2005 Craig Passey
2004 Burr Millsap

Nancy Tregoe Scholarship Award

Awarded to a winning applicant who has made significant contributions to NAEP and E&I.

 2018 Ann Nawrocki
2017 Tonia Lawson
Kevin Holmes
2015 Dee Ann Schneider
2014 Cynthia Urick
2013 Denise Finn
2012 Karen Khattari
2011 Elizabeth Lees
2010 Karen Khattari
2009 Ramon Bristol
2008 Linda Jroski
2007 Kay Young
2006 Eileen Miller

Bob Ashby Mentor of the Year Award

Recognizes an individual who has been a mentor to a Member. The nominee is someone who is an active Member of NAEP, cares about the success of the Member, their organization and ultimately the profession.

2019 Brandon Harper
2018 Brad Brown
2017 Denise Finn
Sandy Hicks
2015 Curtis Monroe
2014 Gary Kraft
2013 Nancy Brooks
2012 Jerry Robinson
2011 Nancy Fulcher
Ted Nasser
2010 Tom Fogarty
2009 Paula Taylor
2008 Bob Ashby

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