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Bob Ashby Mentor of the Year Award

Nomination Criteria
The nominee shall be recognized for outstanding dedication to the procurement profession through the mentorship of another individual in the procurement. The nomination should apply how the individual has personally incorporated three or more of the following criterion below to explain how the nominee has assisted in the advancement of his or her mentee while being an active member of NAEP. The application should be completed on why you feel the nominee has been a great mentor by providing some examples of the nominee’s service.

  • The nominee passes on his/her learned experience and knowledge.
  • The nominee continuously promotes a sense of camaraderie within the profession, promotes team spirit within the Member's department, and facilitates positive communications.
  • The nominee has not only shown the Member the science of purchasing but also the art of purchasing within our higher education environment.
  • The nominee has shown the Member how to navigate the politics within the Member's institution.
  • The nominee introduces the Member to people who can be influential in the Member's career by encouraging continuous networking.
  • The nominee inspires the Member to achieve professional goals and provides valuable assistance to the Member in achieving those goals.
  • The nominee is the go-to person for answers to especially vexing problems.
  • The nominee will be the person the Member remembers when someone asks the Member how he or she got started in purchasing.

A nominee must be, or have been, an active employee of a current Member Institution of the National Association of Educational Procurement and not a current Member of the Association’s Board of Directors.

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