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If your educational organization is already a member of NAEP, individuals can create their own profile to gain access to online resources & membership benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Membership is held by the institution.
Anyone on your campus can create a profile under the membership account. No additional cost!
Annual membership dues are calculated by the institutions' student FTE.
Membership runs on the calendar year.
January 1 — December 31
Is there a limit to how many individual profiles there can be under the membership account?
No! The membership allows for an unlimited number of users under the account.
Can someone from another department create a profile under the membership account?
Yes! Membership is available to anyone in the organization. This includes staff from other departments, faculty, and even students!
How do I add or invite colleagues to create a membership profile?
Once signed into the NAEP website, go to ’My Profile,’ then select ’Invite a Colleague’
Does NAEP have a listserv?
The Exchange is NAEP’s new and improved listserv. The Exchange works like a bulletin board where you can search, post, and reply all in one central location! As a member-only benefit, the Exchange allows you to connect with 5,500 members nationwide.
What are the benefits of membership?
In addition to the Exchange, NAEP members can access a robust RFP library, on-demand webinars, and receive discounts on in-person training & professional development!
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