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White Papers & Monographs

White Papers

Reports and white papers on specific procurement related topics.

Take an in-depth dive on the topics below. Authored by subject matter experts both in and outside of procurement.


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2018 Innovator Forum: Business Intelligence

As procurement has advanced in analytical capability it is important to make sure that the function does not become predominantly a report generation engine. If we are to make a major impact on value creation, then procurement needs to advance toward producing true business intelligence.

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2017 Innovator Forum: Customer Engagement Management

In procurement, we engage suppliers well and are starting to think of them as strategic partners. Of equal if not greater importance are the relationships we manage with internal customers. While most of us understand customer service and have good practices in place, we have not grasped the true significance of Customer Engagement. This white paper outlines a customer engagement management framework and recommendations for critical practices procurement leaders should follow.

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2016 Innovator Forum: Supplier Relationship Management

Enhancing Supplier Value and Performance: Partnering to achieve strategic goals This paper provides an overview of the 2016 Innovators Forum with a distillation of the key discussion points and recommendations regarding strategic supplier relationship management (SSRM). The group engaged in robust dialog about improving supplier relationships, but also focused on pragmatic ideas and practices that can be acted on today. The paper outlines a strategic supplier relationship management framework and recommendations for critical practices procurement leaders should follow.

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2015 Innovator Forum: The Procurement Brand

University procurement departments are pursuing increasingly complex and challenging goals. They are advancing on their mission to become “essential” strategic partners to the financial well-being of the institution. They play vital roles in providing services to the teaching, research and patient care missions of the University while also providing a significant return on investment.

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2014 Innovator Forum: Talent Management

In the past several years, procurement has substantially improved basic processes related to technology, customer service, strategic sourcing and others. This upward performance trend is moving the profession toward increased challenges that require skills necessary for enhanced selling and influential negotiations as well as other strategic issues that demand advanced problem solving. In other words, there is a significant need for highly qualified talent.

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2013 Innovator Forum: Procurement and the Impact of Technology

Keeping pace with the demand for new technology is difficult, particularly under fixed or shrinking budgets, and technology itself can be disruptive. Universities certainly want to capitalize on the opportunity to use technology to automate time consuming manual processes, enhance collaboration within and outside the university, and broaden the learning experience with online classes, social media, and mobility.

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2012 Innovator Forum: Higher Education Industry Report

Key Insights from the NAEP Innovators Forum and Recommended Strategies for Procurement Leaders.
To succeed, procurement professionals working in Higher Ed must understand and address the critical challenges within their own departments while demonstrating their distinct value within the rapidly evolving contemporary university climate. They must also be able to articulate exactly how their departments contribute to the overarching goals of the institutions they serve. This paper outlines the top eight strategies recommended by Forum attendees that senior administrators and educational procurement professionals can leverage to approach these complex problems and concerns.

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AASCU Survey of State Regulatory Environment...

Public College and University Procurement
A Survey of the State Regulatory Environment, Institutional Procurement Practices and Efforts Toward Cost Containment.

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A Green Purchasing Policy Roadmap

NAEP conducted its first Sustainability Institute the first week of May 2007 at the Mission Palms Hotel in Tempe Arizona on the edge of the Arizona State University (ASU) campus. This report details one of the exercises the class undertoo on behalf of NAEP.

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Benchmarking Spend Analytics & Procurement Savings

In planning both short and long-term strategic objectives, the value of appropriate data becomes very clear. Reviewing and understanding the broad trends in higher education spend can inform your decisions as you create your institutions’ road map to success and identify savings opportunities.

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Lifecycle Management of Electronics on Campus

Electronics manufacturing and disposal contributes to serious global environmental and health concerns. When procuring electronics, purchasers should use global standards whenever possible to help optimize considerations that minimize impacts of operations and disposal.

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Strategies for a Solid Purchasing Card Program

Arizona State University’s program logged more than 120,000 transactions in 2007. ASU created a purchasing card advisory board comprised of fifteen influential users from across the university...

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2008 Monograph: Calculating Procurement's Value

In today’s global economy, outsourcing, mergers, right-sizing, partnerships, diversity, sustainability, Internet auctions, e-settlement and e-procurement are common themes. Measurable standards, value propositions, cost containment strategies, streamlined transaction processing and return-on-investment are topics which engage organizational leadership’s interest.

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