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On-Demand Webinars: Relationship Building

Relationship Building Webinars

Relationship building is a core competency that ensures a professional is investing in relationships to best achieve shared results.

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Accelerating the Adoption of New Technology and Services in Higher Education with Behavior-Based Change Management — Sponsored by Canon
Webinar originally aired: 12/11/2018 2pm ET

Presented by: Carolina Aguilera, Ph.D., Director, Enterprise Managed Services Division, Canon Solutions America and Brian M. Meyers, Sr. Advisor for the Higher Education Advisory Team, Canon Solutions America

Webinar Details
  • Higher education organizations are increasingly viewing Managed Print Services (MPS) as a critical component of their digital and process transformation efforts. Successful MPS Programs can directly impact your organization’s financial, productivity, end-user satisfaction, and environmental goals. However, to fully realize the benefits of your MPS ultimately requires strategically changing end user behaviors. In this webinar, we will discuss specific strategies that will help you create an MPS environment where your students, faculty, administrators, and staff will WANT TO (not just merely HAVE TO) fully adopt your new MPS technology, services, and support from Day 1. Utilizing a proven leader-led, behavior-based framework for clarifying, planning, realizing and sustaining change will support the achievement of all your transformational goals.

    Learning Objectives

    • Describe the differences between a “traditional” and a behavior-based approach to change management
    • Describe the top reasons why change fails in higher education
    • Describe a number of effective, efficient strategies to achieve successful change across higher education

NAEP May Small School Community College Roundtable
Webinar originally aired: 05/15/18 2pm ET

Presented by: Alan Leonard, C.P.M., A.P.P. Director of Purchasing, Colgate University; Rosaleen Cardillo, Director of Purchasing, Vassar; Ann Kokx-Templet, CPPB, CPPO, Director of Purchasing Services, San Jacinto College; Cynthia L. Urick, MA, CPSM, Contracts & Purchasing Manager, Swarthmore College; Christopher Rust, Director of Purchasing, Connecticut College; Sarah Woods, MA, Education Associate, NAEP

Webinar Details
  • In an effort to provide more resources and education to meet the diverse needs of our smaller schools and community colleges, NAEP’s professional development committee was charged with the task of researching and making recommendations for topics, methods and materials that would make a direct impact on these groups.

    The charge, guided us to scheduling a series of virtual roundtable discussions. The vision for these roundtables, is to create a space where ss/cc procurement leaders can network, share best practices and discuss challenges unique to Institutions of their size. The topic for this second roundtable is IT.

Taking Your Procurement Strategy to the Next Level - Sponsored by NJPA
Webinar originally aired: 05/08/18 2pm ET

Presented by: Tammy Rimes, Executive Director of the National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP); Duff Erholtz, Membership Development Administrator with NJPA; Tonia Lawson, CPPB, CPP, CPPM, CGPP, CPDW, Executive Director of Procurement & Auxiliary Services, Gulf Coast State College Florida; Duane Tucker, CPPB, Director of Strategic Procurement, University of Colorado and Stephen Walczak, Strategic Sourcing Analyst, Louisiana State University.

Webinar Details
  • Most universities “piggyback” on cooperative or other university contracts for some of their contracting needs. But does your organization have a cooperative strategy? Have you calculated the percentage of spend going through cooperatives? Have you reviewed the potential of bundling purchases to drive savings? Is there a component to incorporate small, MBE or WBE business participation? Do you already have emergency contracts in place? Using cooperatives is an option, but do you have a real plan? By means of the “Road Map to a Cooperative Procurement Strategy,” decipher the right questions to ask before using or choosing a cooperative. This course takes you past the basics. It’s a way for your team to leverage real savings (in time and money) that a cooperative procurement strategy can bring to your organization.

The Blended Burger: UCR's Pioneers the First Mass Produced Mushroom-Blended Hamburger in Southern California
Webinar originally aired: 02/13/18 2pm ET

Presented by: Matthew Burke, Procurement Analyst, UC Riverside CPSM

Webinar Details
  • This presentation will discuss the Procurement process involved in supporting The UCR Dining Department's "Seeds of Change" vision to provide food that is healthier, sustainable and ethically sourced. The Seeds of Change vision led to the evolution of UCR's desire to mass produce a hamburger blend that is 70% fresh Angus chuck, and 30% fully prepared ground mushroom. I will discuss the many persons and sources involved that led to make the vision a reality. Today, the finished product has created a delicious hamburger that has little taste of mushroom with lots of flavor.

Disrupting the Sourcing Process, from the Small Business’s Perspective Sponsored by ConnXus
Webinar originally aired: Jan 25, 2018 @ 2pm ET

Presented by: Daryl Hammett, COO/Co-Owner, ConnXus and Carrie Hawkins, Account Executive, ConnXus

Webinar Details
  • Even for nimblest and reputable of small businesses, the RFP process stills consumes an entire full-time employee’s 40-hour work week, and that lost time can be detrimental for a small supplier. On the other side of the table, it’s crucial for buyers to compare potential suppliers with fairness and transparency at the top of mind. This poses the question, is the current process for supplier sourcing archaic and inefficient?

Best Practices regarding Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing Sponsored by ConnXus
Webinar originally aired: Jan 18, 2018 @ 2pm ET

Presented by: Daryl Hammett, COO/Co-Owner, ConnXus and Carrie Hawkins, Account Executive, ConnXus

Webinar Details
  • Strategic sourcing is a collaborative process aligning an organization’s purchasing power with overall value proposition. It improves efficiency and quality with direct impact on bottom line, risk mitigation, and partnership opportunities. Digital procurement solutions are beneficial. A strategy begins with spend data analysis, followed by market assessment, where organizations must choose areas to minimize risk/cost, identify suitable suppliers, negotiate, and implement and monitor their new supply structure.

Digital Purchasing Solutions in Education Sponsored by Grainger
Webinar originally aired: Jan 16, 2018 @ 2pm ET

Presented by: Dan Kloes, eCommerce Solutions Manager, Grainger

Webinar Details
  • Supply chain inclusion starts before the sourcing process even begins. While supplier diversity programs yield a basic level of inclusion, long-lasting and sustainable impacts of supplier inclusion can be harnessed through suppliers’ competitive advantages. These impacts include technological and systemic innovations, built-in focus groups and access to new markets. A case study between Procter & Gamble (P&G) consumer goods giant and ConnXus exemplifies how true supplier development can disrupt an industry by producing tangible, multi-tiered supplier relationships.

How to Create a More Inclusive Supply Chain Sponsored by ConnXus
Webinar originally aired: January 11, 2018 @ 2pm ET

Presented by: Daryl Hammett, COO, ConnXus and Carrie Hawkins, Account Executive, ConnXus

Webinar Details
  • Supply chain inclusion starts before the sourcing process even begins. While supplier diversity programs yield a basic level of inclusion, long-lasting and sustainable impacts of supplier inclusion can be harnessed through suppliers’ competitive advantages. These impacts include technological and systemic innovations, built-in focus groups and access to new markets. A case study between Procter & Gamble (P&G) consumer goods giant and ConnXus exemplifies how true supplier development can disrupt an industry by producing tangible, multi-tiered supplier relationships.

Building your Business Case for New Procurement Initiatives - Sponsored by Gordian

Presented by: Doreen Murner, CEO, NAEP;
Mike Smith, VP Midwest, Government Sourcing Solutions;
Matt Peterson, Higher Education Business Development, Gordian

Webinar Details
  • Procurement is constantly changing and evolving. Consequently, your department may face new demands, shifting priorities, financial pressures, budget cuts and continuously being asked to “do more with less”. If you’ve just attended NAEP’s Annual Meeting, you’re probably full of innovative ideas and best practices you’d like to implement at your institution to streamline processes, maximize resources and improve efficiency. However, it can be difficult to gain approval for new methods or procedures. How can you get leadership on board with something new and different when current processes and methods are working seemingly just fine? Or on the flip side, perhaps your procurement department tried something new that only created more confusion and stress, creating reluctance to steer from the tried and true.

    Show leadership you’re thinking strategically about the future of procurement at your institution, and get buy-in to move forward with processes, technology, suppliers or methods that help better support your institution’s mission

The Future of Higher Ed Procurement Technology: A Conversation with The Ohio State University - Sponsored by Amazon Business

Presented by: Russell Chung, Director of Purchasing, Strategic Sourcing, eProcurement and Vendor Management, The Ohio State University & Daniel L. Smith, General Manager Worldwide Education, Amazon Business

Webinar Details
  • College and university leaders are asking procurement organizations to help address budget shortfalls, better serve end users, and mitigate new risks with fewer resources. We will explore how you can simplify purchasing, consolidate suppliers, and improve organization compliance—with Amazon. The Ohio State University will share its journey to manage rogue Amazon purchasing and how, in the process, the university's procurement leader discovered a new procurement technology that can help delight buyers and streamline purchasing.

2017 Supplier Diversity Quarterly Webinar

Presented by: Doreen Murner, NAEP

Webinar Details
  • NAEP's quarterley review of diversity hiring practices in the higher-ed procurement world.

Mitigating the Risk Associated with Independent Contractors - Sponsored by MetaProcure

Presented by: Jeff Herbert, Associate Vice President, Workforce Management, MetaProcure

Webinar Details
  • The services of Independent Contractors acquired by end-users within educational institutions are frequently treated as simple purchasing transactions. However, disregarding the critical labor factors associated with your contingent workforce can be costly to your organization. In this 30 Minute Session, we will present how one progressive university partnered to make a business case for standardizing and centralizing contingent workforce management, and achieved the oversight they previously lacked.

Supplier Diversity: Partnership for Success - with U Penn & Telrose Corp - Sponsored by Office Depot

Presented by: Terone Harris, Jr., Director of Supplier Diversity Strategy, Office Depot;
Mark Mills, Executive Director Purchasing Services, University of Pennsylvania;
Todd A. Rose, President CEO, Telrose Corp

Webinar Details
  • Learn how the University of Pennsylvania teamed up with Telrose Corp. to create a thriving, more diversified supply chain program. Hear from experts how diversity programs have a significant impact on the growth of local businesses, as well as helping to meet procurement objectives.

Virtual Roundtable Discussion - Supplier Relationship Management

Presented by: Sandy Hicks, University of Colorado; Jim Knight Pathstone Partners, Doreen Murner, NAEP

Webinar Details
  • A group discussion with Higher-Ed procurement professionals on SRM.

Advancement Through Education in the Procurement Profession - Member Webinar Oregon State University

Presented by: Kelly Kozisek, Chief Procurement Officer, Oregon State University;
Randal Smith, Professor, Oregon State University;
Bridget Jones, Associate Director, Undergraduate Recruitment, Oregon State University;
Lara Raggon, MBA student, Oregon State University;
Olivia Health, MBA Recruitment and Outreach, Oregon State University

Webinar Details
  • The industry is consistently growing and changing! To meet demand and challenges professionals must continuously increase their knowledge skills and abilities. Listen in on an interactive discussion on how to take your career to the next level!

    This informative session features Oregon State University and will highlight how a degree in Supply Chain and Logistic Management can position you to create real value by learning to design, manage and improve the supply chain and logistics process in both public and private sectors as well as new and traditional economies in manufacturing and service environments.

    You’ll also learn about OSU’s degree programs and industry experts will share their experiences, and will talk about how having the SCLM degree has advanced their careers.

2015 Innovators Forum - Branding Procurement

Presented by: Sandy Hicks, Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, University of Colorado;
Doreen Murner, CEO, NAEP;
Jim Knight, CoFounder, Pathstone Partners

Webinar Details
  • What words do you use to describe your procurement department and your team? What words do your internal and external customers use? Are they similar or is there a big disconnect in who you think you are and what others think of you? That is the focus of this webinar on NAEP's Innovators Forum on Procurement Branding.

2015 December Roundtable Discussion-Member Webinar

Presented by: Greg Macway, Director Supply Chain Management, University of California San Francisco;
Sandy Hicks, Associate President and Chief Procurement Officer, University of Colorado;
Ted Johnson; Associate Controller and Chief Procurement Officer, University of California-San Diego

Webinar Details
  • Open topical prourement discussion with NAEP members.

Why Competency is the new currency: The new NAEP Competency Model

Presented by: Melanie Freeman, Education and Training Manager, NAEP;
Sarah Nicewarner, Education Associate, NAEP

Webinar Details
  • An effective competency model helps educational organizations find the right team members, sets standards for performance, and drives business results. It provides a framework detailing the necessary skills and abilities required to succeed now and as the educational procurement landscape evolves.

    Recently, NAEP embarked on a project to review and update the Competency Model. The process included one-on-one interviews and surveys distributed to a sample group of NAEP members.

    The result of this endeavor is the following Competency Model, designed specifically for educational procurement professionals. It includes competencies which address needs for professionals today and into the future.

2017 Innovators Forum Report: Customer Engagement Management Sponsored by Stonebridge ventures and Jagger

Presented by: Doreen Murner, CEO, NAEP &
Jim Knight, CEO, Stonebridge Ventures

Webinar Details
  • Join Doreen Murner and Jim Knight for a live presentation of the NAEP 2017 Innovators Forum Report White Paper, Customer Engagement Management on Tuesday September 12th at 2pm ET. This exclusive NAEP member benefit highlights key insights from the Innovators Forum and recommended strategies for procurement leaders regarding customer engagement management.

    In procurement, we engage suppliers well and are starting to think of them as strategic partners. Of equal if not greater importance are the relationships we manage with internal customers. While most of us understand customer service and have good practices in place, we have not grasped the true significance of Customer Engagement.

    The Innovators Forum group believes we should enhance our practices in this area. Procurement leaders will need to alter a mindset that views Customer Engagement Management as a sales practice best suited to commercial companies. Providing service is why our departments exist and the essential component of brand image. If we cannot deliver on this basic requirement with excellence, then customers will not care about other ideas we have to improve value.

    View this on demand Webinar to learn about the benefits and strategic impact of practicing customer engagement management at a high level and implementing a customer management framework to your institutions customer service vision. Learn customer engagement methods and processes; discuss challenges and actionable next steps that your team can take to engage your customers on the next level!

Supplier Relationship Management: Building a Vendor Scorecard Process

Presented by: Shannon Wampler, Procurement Analyst, University of Virginia

Webinar Details
  • It’s easy for procurement to assume that the job is done once an award is made, but this can lead to mismanaged expectations and major issues that cost time and money to repair.

    Scorecards provide procurement with an objective, metrics-based process to measure and track a strategic supplier’s performance over the life of the contract. The Scorecard also delivers a clearly-delineated workflow for the supplier depending on results in each category. Find out how using a simple database can help to provide clear data and most importantly, improve relationships with your suppliers.

NAEP 101 an Overview of Membership and Benefits

Presented by: Shane Boyle and Toria Longo

Webinar Details
  • NAEP Staff members provide a short, comprehensive overview of the exclusive benefits and resources available through NAEP membership. This webinar will highlight the many exciting opportunities available to NAEP members. Some of the resources you will learn about in this Webinar are NAEP’s RFP Library; the National Listserv; our award-winning publications and the many face to face and online professional development opportunities we coordinate nationwide. Learn how NAEP can help you throughout your Higher Education Procurement career.


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