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On-Demand Webinars: Ethical Practice

Ethical Practic Webinars

Ethical practice is a core competency that helps a professional integrate values and principles into one's consistent level of conduct.

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The Evolution of Diversity in Procurement - Sponsored by Grainger Webinar originally aired: Tues, Jan 30, 2018 @ 2pm ET

Presented by: Julie Holmes, Sr. Channel Business Manager, Grainger

Webinar Details
  • The changing demographics and economic landscape are increasingly positioning disadvantage business enterprises (DBEs) as important contributors to the economic growth and productivity of the United States. These businesses are creating jobs and supporting the economic development of their respective communities, while promoting the placement of their goods and services in both domestic and global markets.

2017 Suppler Diversity Quarterly Webinar

Presented by: Doreen Murner, NAEP

Webinar Details
  • Quarterly seminar on diversity hiring practices in higher education procurement.

Advancement Through Education in the Procurement
Profession - Member Webinar Oregon State University

Presented by: Kelly Kozisek, Chief Procurement Officer, Oregon State University;
Randal Smith, Professor, Oregon State University;
Bridget Jones, Associate Director, Undergraduate Recruitment, Oregon State University;
Lara Raggon, MBA student, Oregon State University;
Olivia Health, MBA Recruitment and Outreach, Oregon State University

Webinar Details
  • The industry is consistently growing and changing! To meet demand and challenges professionals must continuously increase their knowledge skills and abilities. Listen in on an interactive discussion on how to take your career to the next level!

    This informative session features Oregon State University and will highlight how a degree in Supply Chain and Logistic Management can position you to create real value by learning to design, manage and improve the supply chain and logistics process in both public and private sectors as well as new and traditional economies in manufacturing and service environments.

    You’ll also learn about OSU’s degree programs and industry experts will share their experiences, and will talk about how having the SCLM degree has advanced their careers.

Case Study on Collaboration Between Procurement and HR in Higher Education - Sponsored by MetaProcure

Presented by: Jeff Herbert, Associate Vice President, Workforce Management, MetaProcure

Webinar Details
  • MetaProcure details collaboration efforts between the human resources department in higher-ed and procurement.

Virtual Roundtable Discussion - Supplier Relationship Management

Presented by: Sandy Hicks, University of Colorado; Jim Knight Pathstone Partners, Doreen Murner, NAEP

Webinar Details
  • A group discussion with Higher-Ed procurement professionals on SRM.

2015 Innovators Forum - Branding Procurement

Presented by: Sandy Hicks, Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, University of Colorado;
Doreen Murner, CEO, NAEP;
Jim Knight, CoFounder, Pathstone Partners

Webinar Details
  • Learn how the University of Pennsylvania teamed up with Telrose Corp. to create a thriving, more diversified supply chain program. Hear from experts how diversity programs have a significant impact on the growth of local businesses, as well as helping to meet procurement objectives.

2015 December Roundtable Discussion-Member Webinar

Presented by: Greg Macway, Director Supply Chain Management, University of California San Francisco;
Sandy Hicks, Associate President and Chief Procurement Officer, University of Colorado;
Ted Johnson; Associate Controller and Chief Procurement Officer, University of California-San Diego

Webinar Details
  • Open topical prourement discussion with NAEP members.

Why Competency is the new currency: The new NAEP Competency Model

Presented by: Melanie Freeman, Education and Training Manager, NAEP;
Sarah Nicewarner, Education Associate, NAEP

Webinar Details
  • An effective competency model helps educational organizations find the right team members, sets standards for performance, and drives business results. It provides a framework detailing the necessary skills and abilities required to succeed now and as the educational procurement landscape evolves.

    Recently, NAEP embarked on a project to review and update the Competency Model. The process included one-on-one interviews and surveys distributed to a sample group of NAEP members.

    The result of this endeavor is the following Competency Model, designed specifically for educational procurement professionals. It includes competencies which address needs for professionals today and into the future.

NAEP 101 an Overview of Membership and Benefits

Presented by: Shane Boyle and Toria Longo

Webinar Details
  • NAEP Staff members provide a short, comprehensive overview of the exclusive benefits and resources available through NAEP membership. This webinar will highlight the many exciting opportunities available to NAEP members. Some of the resources you will learn about in this Webinar are NAEP’s RFP Library; the National Listserv; our award-winning publications and the many face to face and online professional development opportunities we coordinate nationwide. Learn how NAEP can help you throughout your Higher Education Procurement career.


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