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NAEP Exchanges: What Is an Exchange?


Think of the exchange as an online bulletin board, where users can post announcements and ask questions just like the old listserv but without all of the "out-of-office" replies! A exchange is a 3-D version of the listserv in that you can search past questions and read the thread of answers to a particular topic.

The NAEP National Exchange is the main communication vehicle for questions like requests for RFP help, etc. It is broken down into topic-specific threads.

Regional exchanges are set up for each region to discuss local issues and your regional meeting.

There are specific interest group exchanges for supplier diversity and sustainability. (Please note that these two exchanges only are open to the higher education public and that vendors may join these two specific exchanges!)

View 4 minute video on Exchange Usage:

Who can see the exchange?

Only NAEP members who are signed into the website can view the National and regional exchanges. This is a secure environment. Vendors will not have access nor can they view the National Exchange, Regional Exchanges or any subgroups. Sign in here to view the exchange.

OK, so how do I use this new exchange?

Where do I find the exchanges?

From the NAEP home page, hover over the “Exchanges” tab. Click on “National” for the main exchange (click on your regional exchange if you are looking for your local group).  You will then see the current topic discussion threads.


I want to search what is already posted

There are two ways to do this. On the main exchange page, you will see a list of topics. Click on the topic you want to see for the full discussion thread with various replies.

The other way to search what’s already on the exchange is to use the “search exchange” search box. It will return relevant threads based on your search terms. 



I want to post a new message on the exchange

Click on the “New Topic” icon/text in the gray bar about halfway down the page  (remember you must be logged into the NAEP website) 

Type in your subject line as indicated and then type in your question. You will have various font style options and you can insert video links as well as upload documents to your question!

Click on “Submit Post” and you are done.


So who can read the message I just posted?

Any NAEP member signed into the website can read and search upon your message.

Any member subscribed to the national exchange digest will receive an email at the end of the day that shows all the new postings, including yours. Anyone subscribed to the thread you’ve started will receive an instant email. (we’ll get to that in a second).

I want to reply to a current message already on a exchange topic

Go to the message you want to respond to and click on “reply”. Type in your response and hit “submit”. Your contact information will show on your reply.


Will I be notified of a new posting?

You can set your specific preference. Again, make sure you are signed into the website and click on the “Manage Profile” on the right hand side. When that page loads, scroll down to the “Community” section and click on “Exchange Settings”. Here you can choose to receive instant and/or daily notifications of the exchange (You can subscribe to both). If you are a member of a committee, your specific exchanges unique to your group will show up here, too. 



I found a topic that is interesting. How do I see new posts?

To follow a specific topic within the national exchange, click on “Thread Options” and the “Subscribe to Instant Updates”.  You will receive notification emails when new content is added. 

Rules of the Road

To ensure the best experience for all of our members, we have established some basic guidelines for the exchanges. We reserve the right to suspend members for consistently violating these guidelines.

  • Don't challenge or attack others
  • Don't post commercial or self-promotional business messages in the exchanges
  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, or offensive language will not be tolerated


Having trouble? Send us an email and we will get right back to you with help. 

NAEP National Office, 8840 Stanford Boulevard, Suite 2000, Columbia, MD 21045

Phone Number: 443.281.9901 • Fax: 443.219.9687

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