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Young Professional in Procurement of the Year Award


The Young Professional in Procurement Award recognizes outstanding young procurement professionals for their contributions to their institutions, the higher education community, the Association, or the procurement profession.  The nominee must have fewer than 10 years of experience in the higher education procurement profession and must be 40 years old or less.  The nominee will have been an active Member of NAEP for at least one year.


A nominee must be, or have been, an active employee of a current Member Institution of the National Association of Educational Procurement and not a current Member of the Association’s Board of Directors.

A total of three individuals can receive this award.

Nomination Criteria

This award may be granted as a result of outstanding performance and participation by a young procurement professional in one or more of the following activities:

This award will be granted to a young procurement professional who has actively participated in meetings and other functions of the Association. The nominees for this award should also have demonstrated service to the Association through one or more of the following:

  • Service/contributions/accomplishments at the Regional or National level
  • Service/contributions/accomplishments as a member of an official NAEP Committee at the Regional or National level
  • Service/contributions/accomplishments as a member of an official NAEP Educational program or special project
  • Authorship of a publication, article, or presentation offered at the NAEP Annual Meeting or an official NAEP Educational program.
  • Other voluntary contributions of time, effort, resources, and leadership abilities to promote and enhance NAEP and the educational procurement profession.
  • Additional considerations: Networking/social activities geared for young procurement professionals; taking a leadership role in their jobs, community or Association; career development activities that may include receiving procurement designations, attending the NAEP Procurement Academy, volunteering for an RFP Bid Team, etc.; promoting procurement on campus to customers to enhance service and increase procurement’s influence.

The deadline to submit completed applications has been extended to Friday, March 6. 


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