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Annual Meeting 2018: Key Note Speakers

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Our Opening Monday Keynote

Leadership and Sourcing and Procurement at Disney

Rick Wertsching, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, Disney Theme Parks & Resorts

Ever wonder what it's like to work at Walt Disney World's procurement office? Our Monday keynote speaker will share insights, strategic sourcing best practices and a few Disney secrets from their world-class procurement department!

About Our Keynote Speaker: Rick is Vice President, Strategic Sourcing for Disney Theme Parks and Resorts.  He leads global sourcing strategy for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in Florida, California, Hong Kong, Paris and Shanghai.  In 1996 he joined ESPN as the Director of Sourcing and Procurement.  He was subsequently promoted to Vice President, Sourcing and Procurement, Media Networks prior to transferring to Theme Parks and Resorts in 2005.

Rick began his sourcing career with Aetna Life and Casualty.  He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and received his MBA from the University of Hartford.  He has served on several boards including the Greater Bristol United Way, the Connecticut Association of Purchasing Management, Florida Minority Supplier Development Council and Lighthouse Works.


Our Tuesday Keynote Workshop Sessions

Chief Business Officer Panel Discussion

John Walda
, Chief Executive Officer, NACUBO


Christian Osmena:  Vice Chancellor of Finance and Facilities, California Community Colleges

Kyle Clark:  Executive Vice President and CFO, Florida State University

Wanda Ford:  Acting Vice President and CFO, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University


Hear what’s happening in higher education from a macroeconomic perspective. During this panel discussion, Chief Business Officers will share their concerns and how procurement can help achieve goals and in the process become more relevant.

High Impact Education Workshops

Following our panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into one of four professional development topics. We will announce details very soon but come prepared to learn and engage in a unique way! Our discussion workshops will focus on 4 areas:

Creating Lasting Impact!

How to make sure you’re heard and your message is remembered

Christie Ward, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)


Are you memorable?  Do people remember you as well as your message?  Do your words become a “verbal legend” that is passed on throughout an organization?  This session will ensure that you deliver a message of lasting impact every time you speak up in a meeting or gathering of any size.  Learn the keys to demonstrating confidence and sounding competent. Discover how to connect with everyone in your audience, whether your message is one that is informational or persuasive. Story creates a lasting memory.  There are keys to telling an effective story that people can identify with your core message.  This session will tap into some truths about story and give you the tools to create your own unique messages to use right away anytime you need to connect with people and have them remember what you said! Be an influencer every time you speak, whether to one person, a small team or an auditorium full of listeners. This session will teach you how.

The Heart of Leadership

Ray Jensen, Certified John Maxwell Coach

Is leadership a skill?  An art?  Certainly, there are people who are better leaders than others.  They have learned the skills and developed the art, but is that enough?  To live at our best, to live courageously, to continuously pursue excellence in the midst of difficulty or opposition requires something deeper, more enduring.  People will acknowledge skills and abilities, and some will follow for compensation or position.  But to follow in times of difficulty; to follow from their heart, requires leadership qualities worth following.  It requires a leader with heart.  How does someone develop the heart of leadership?


David Rabiner, Rabiner Resources

We all negotiate constantly. While it could be the finer details of a contract, it could also be at home when we are deciding where we are going for dinner! Negotiating is the process we all use to reach any agreement, and it allows us to gain the benefits of securing commitment that is more powerful than just gaining compliance.

While some think that there is less opportunity to negotiate in educational procurement, the reality is that no one should know more about negotiating than procurement professionals. In this program, you'll learn enough about negotiating to have valuable tools you will be able to use.

Can You See Me Now? Becoming Visible: Your Executive Presence and Being Sponsor Ready

Teri Bump, American Campus Communities

Do you have the communication skills to be heard, the gravitas to gain respect, and an appearance that garners positive professional interest? Those with executive presence get noticed and sponsored. This fast-paced session will share research on the how, what, and why of being visible, sponsored, and promoted. Everything here is a choice that can be learned and integrated in ways that accentuate your strengths and professional presence. Dr. Sylvia Hewlett discovered that executive presence is a dynamic combination of what you say, what you do, and how you show up. These elements are not equal but are all essential to develop if you desire to drive your professional trajectory. Both being a leader and being perceived by others as a leader will be critical to your success. We will take a look at our communication, gravitas, and appearance so we can identify and embody the executive presence required to make our own choices and control our destiny.

This session is presented by Teri Bump. Teri is the Vice President of University Relations & Student Affairs for American Campus Communities, the first publicly traded student housing REIT. Prior to joining American Campus Communities in 1991, Teri served Boston University, Oberlin College, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Alfred University and SUNY Oswego in student affairs.  Teri received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from SUNY Oswego and her master’s in College Student Development from Alfred University. 

Our Closing Wednesday Keynote

“Your dream is not waiting for you to find it. It’s waiting for you to create it.”

Artist David Garibaldi

Artists transform an empty canvas into a work of art through their skill, experience, inspiration and senses. David Garibaldi’s life and transition into a world-renowned performance painter is no different.

The culture and color of graffiti art served as an early inspiration for Garibaldi. Born in Los Angles, he later moved as a youth to South Sacramento. It was here that he learned to enjoy the use of his hands and body through art on “larger and somewhat illegal canvases” by painting graffiti as an angst teen. Graffiti artist and high school dropout, he was living day-by-day. The only constants in his life were music and art.

Garibaldi had always combined his passion for music and color, or rhythm and hue, in his artwork. But it wasn’t until viewing performance painter Denny Dent’s portrait of Jimi Hendrix that Garibaldi discovered how his passion for paint and music could be an inspirational experience for more than just himself. He discovered music-driven-art, and in some ways it discovered him, revealing a portrait of passion and purpose.

Garibaldi’s synergy of music and art is what makes him unique as a painter and a performer.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring a keynote speaker? A keynote sponsorship allows you great visibility and the opportunity to introduce the speaker and say a few words about your company. For more information, contact our Business Development Manager today!

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