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2017 Great Plains Regional Meeting PowerPoints & Handouts
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2017 NAEP Great Plains Regional Meeting Conference

Links to Currently Available Presentations & Handouts


Getting Things Done
Beth Giesbrecht, Nebraska Business Development Center

Taking the Next Steps in Your Career
     Handout 1 - Individual Development Plan
Melanie Freeman, NAEP

Successful Procurement in Higher Education Medical Centers: The Bumpy Road

Chandra Wojno, University of Iowa

Finding Talent in the Midst of Massive Retirements
Doreen Murner, NAEP

Contract Management
     Master Agreement Sample Handout
Julie Dexter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Desktop Printer Reduction – Security & Savings
Linda Nordhues, Victoria Halinski, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Scott Nielson, Marco Technologies

Excel Tips & Tricks to Make You a Power User
Ranelle Maltas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Why Should I Get Involved?
Cory Harms, Iowa State University

How Omaha Public Schools WON with Planned Obsolesce for Computers
Sunita Boyer, Rob Dickson, Jim Skrobo, Omaha Public Schools

Goals Aren’t Important
Barry Carlson

Planning a Supplier Show
Mikki Sandin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Framing the Challenges with Software Licensing in Higher Education
Nathan Sorenson, Midwest Higher Education Compact

PCard Success
Janelle McGarry, University of North Dakota and Stacey Winters, North Dakota State University

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