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Strategic Plan


      1. Professional Development/Education
      2. Communications
      3. Leadership/Volunteerism
      4. Supplier Relationships
      5. Influence/Collaboration
      6. Organizational Infrastructure
      7. Joint Relationship / Operations with E&I

Professional Development/Education
To give our Members professional development and educational opportunities that further their professional standing as well as the profession as a whole.

To develop and reinforce communications among our Members and create and open forum in the community that aids in the further development of procurement.

To create leadership paradigms and help develop leadership skills among our Members that move the profession forward in a positive way and foster an atmosphere of volunteerism that aids everyone involved in procurement.

Supplier Relationships
To help develop supplier relationships beneficial to all parties involved.

To influence the profession towards a collaborative atmosphere that creates communities and consensus among the Membership.

Organizational Infrastructure
To develop paradigms for organizational infrastructures that enhance the processes of procurement and increase efficiency.

Joint Relationship/Operations with E&I
To work closely with E&I to assist the Membership in all aspects of procurement.

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