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Nominating Information

NAEP’s Board of Directors needs you!

Here is your chance to help lead the association dedicated to furthering the profession of procurement. NAEP is currently seeking nominations for the following volunteer leadership positions:

  1. Second Vice President (5-year term)
  2. Treasurer (5-year term)
  3. District I Representative for New England and Upstate NY regions (3-year term)
  4. District IV Representative for Great Lakes and Michigan regions (3-year term)

The benefits are many:

  1. A significant role in advancing your profession;
  2. An opportunity to enhance the value of NAEP to the association community;
  3. Access to up-to-date information about the challenges facing your profession;
  4. The chance to exchange ideas and perspectives with other volunteer leaders.

What are we looking for?

NAEP values and seeks diverse leadership as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, appearance, geographic location, professional level, etc. It seeks leaders from all types and sizes of eligible institutions. The Nominating Committee has identified a number of desired attributes that will be part of the selection process for new Board Members.
  1. Demonstrated leadership commitment and involvement with NAEP and the nonprofit community. Examples include but are not limited to service on an NAEP committee, council, task force, and/or obtained the CPSM, CPPB or CPPO credential.
  2. Recognized leader in the association community. Examples include but are not limited to serving as a Regional Leader. Serving on a regional committee, council, task force, or philanthropic organization.
  3. Relevant expertise in the disciplines of organizational management. Examples include but are not limited to branding, fundraising, component relations, finance, international, and strategic alliances.
  4. Commitment to participate in 2-3 face to face board meetings a year and a monthly teleconference. The Boards Members are asked to be NAEP champions at all meetings and events.
  5. Positive leadership attributes, emotional intelligence, ability to work collaboratively, and engage in appropriate debate and discussion when needed.
  6. Visionary and strategic thinker. Demonstrated ability of new and innovative programs within their sphere of influence. Examples include but are not limited to incorporating strategy, leadership, future focus, risk taking, and an entrepreneur spirit.

We want and need to hear from you. If you are interested in serving, or know of potential board members you would like to recommend, please contact Kelly Kozisek.

Nominations must be received no later than October 31, 2017.

What should I know before joining a nonprofit board?

Questions Prospective Board Members Should Ask
Serving as a board member is one of the most challenging and rewarding of volunteer assignments. While appointment or election to a board is an honor, board members have important legal and fiduciary responsibilities that require a commitment of time, skill, and resources. Prospective board members do themselves a service and show that they are serious about the commitments they make by asking some basic questions before joining an organization's board. You can find the answers from the board member who issues the invitation to join; the chief executive of the organization; the board chairperson; other board members, current and former; or written materials.

Ask questions about the organization’s programs:

What is the organization’s mission?

  • Our mission is to advance the development of ethical & innovative procurement strategies within educational institutions & associated communities through collaboration, professional development, networking and advocacy.
  • Vision: NAEP will be recognized as the authority for innovative educational procurement and business solutions.

Does the organization have a strategic plan that is reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis?

  • Yes

Ask questions about the organization's financial status

Is the financial condition of the organization sound?

  • Yes

Does the board discuss and approve the annual budget?

  • Yes. The Audit Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, meets quarterly to discuss the financials.

Ask questions about the structure of the board

How is the board structured?

  • District Board (6 members): Each District elects a board representative for a 3 yr term (non-ascending).
  • Ascending Board (6 members): Five seats ascend to the President for a 5 yr term.
  • 2nd VP 1st VP Sr VP President Immediate Past President
  • Treasurer seat is non-ascending, for a 5 yr term.

Are there descriptions of the responsibilities of the board as a whole and of individual board members?

  • Yes, NAEP Task & Transition

Are there descriptions of board committee functions and responsibilities?

  • Yes, Committee charges

Who are the other board members?

  • Board Directory

Is there a system of checks and balances to prevent conflicts of interest between board members and the organization?

  • Yes we have a conflict of interest policy and a board contract

Does the organization have directors and officers liability coverage?

  • Yes

Questions you might ask about board member responsibilities

What are the ways that you think you can contribute as a board member?

How much of my time will be required for meetings and special events?

  • The NAEP board normally meets face to face 2 times each year. Once at the annual meeting and a second time in the fall at the National Office. The President may call for a special meeting at his discretion via face to face and/or conference call. Expenses are reimbursed for meetings according to the Reimbursement Policy.

How are committee assignments made?

  • Through the NAEP Task & Transition

What orientation will I receive to the organization and to the responsibilities of board service?

  • You will be required to attend a NEW Board Orientation at the National Office

Does the organization provide opportunities for board development and education?

  • Yes, as the budget permits

What is the board's role in fund-raising?

  • You may be asked to identify and help solicit our business members for sponsorships, sponsored research, donations to any of the scholarship funds and other vendor based initiatives or solicitation of donors.

Will I be expected to make a specific annual financial contribution?

  • No

What is the board’s role in membership?

  • The board is the single largest group that champions the association in everything they do. Board members should represent the interests of the people they serve through public education and public policy advocacy, as well as by encouraging themselves, volunteers, and stakeholders to participate in the community. When appropriate to advance the organization’s mission, nonprofits should engage in promoting participation in membership. As such, they should communicate in an effective manner to educate, inform, and engage the community.

Evaluate your interest in serving on the board

Once you are satisfied with the information you have received, it is time to evaluate your own interest in serving on the board. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Am I committed to the mission of the organization?
  • Can I contribute the time necessary to be an effective board member?
  • Am I comfortable with the approach and tone of the organization's fund-raising efforts?
  • Can I place the organization's purposes and interests above my own professional and personal interests when making decisions as a board member?

Background Materials
Selected background information can provide a useful overview of the organization, the board's work, and the responsibilities of board members. Helpful materials might include:

  • The organization’s bylaws
  • The strategic plan
  • A list of current board members, titles, and all affiliations Aa description of board members' responsibilities

What else should I know?

NAEP National Office, 8840 Stanford Boulevard, Suite 2000, Columbia, MD 21045
Tel: 443.543.5540 • Fax: 443.219.9687

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