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NAEP Web Exchange Information


NAEP Exchanges are a convenient and powerful way for members to communicate with one another and access relevant information. Forums are presented in a standard bulletin-board format and their content is searchable on the NAEP site-search. Read more about this new feature that will replace our outdated listserv technology on June 30th.

View a video on Exchange Usage:




What is the NAEP Exchange?

Think of the forum as an online bulletin board, where users can post announcements and ask questions.


How is the exchange different from a listserv?

A listserv operates via email, whereas the forum is hosted on the NAEP website but can use eMail for notification. A forum is like a 3-D version of a listserv in that you can search past questions and read the thread of answers to a particular topic.

Our forums also support images and file attachments in posts.

When you post a question, you are posting to a website and not over email so you won't receive any out-of-office emails anymore!



What is a thread?

A thread is simply a topic posted within a particular forum. Most threads are appropriate to post under the National forum or to your specific regional forum. Additional forums have been created for specific key interests, such as Sustainability, Education, and Diversity.

Why use an Exchange?

Forums are a more efficient way to communicate and provide a much greater range of delivery preferences compared to our former listserv. By using a forum, any member can VIEW and SEARCH responses, whereas with the former listserv, only the sender of the email would receive responses. The forum benefits all members by providing greater ease of collaboration and instant access to shared information.

How will I use the Exchange?

You first must be logged in to the NAEP website to view the forums.

Once logged in, either click on or hover over the “Forums” tab at the top of the page. This will allow you to select the forum you’d like to view. Once you’ve selected the forum you wish to view, you may search the forum using the search box just above the list of topics, or you can scroll through the posted threads. If you don’t see a topic you’re interested in, you can create your own thread by clicking on “New Topic” near the search box.

Closer to our launch date of June 30th, NAEP will be posting a full tutorial including a brief video on how to navigate the forums. 

Who oversees the Exchanges?

Moderators have been assigned to oversee the forums to ensure content posted is relevant to that particular thread, as well as that specific forum overall. Moderators have the ability to relocate a thread to a different thread or a different forum entirely if the topic would be better suited in a more appropriate location.


I have a question about posting to the Exchange – who should I contact?

NAEP staff is available to answer All questions should be directed to NAEP staff.


Who can view and access the Exchange?

The NAEP forums are for NAEP members only. Just like the listserv, vendors will not have access nor can they view these forums.


What types of topics can be discussed in the Exchanges?

Any topic relevant to procurement or higher education can be discussed in the forums.  


What rules should I follow when posting to an Exchange?

Because the forums and threads within the forums are viewable by all members, please be courteous to others by not including any profanity or slandering language. 


How do I communicate with others using an Exchange?

To reply openly to a thread, simply scroll to the bottom of your selected thread and enter your text into the “Quick Reply” text box and click “Submit Quick Reply.” For greater customization, you may use the “Reply Using Full Editor Feature,” which provides general formatting options.

To reply directly to the thread’s author, click on their hyperlinked name underneath their picture box. This will take you to that individual’s profile, where you can find their email address. You can also send them a message directly through the NAEP website by clicking on the “Message” link underneath their name near the top of the page (between “More” and “Connect”)


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