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About NAEP

Since the 1920's, NAEP has been the non-profit professional Association primarily dedicated to serving higher education purchasing officers in the U.S. and Canada. NAEP's mission is to facilitate the development, exchange and practice of effective and ethical procurement principles and techniques within higher education and associated communities, through continuing education, networking, public information and advocacy. Members of the Association founded the E&I Cooperative Service as an important benefit of NAEP Membership. Currently, over 800 colleges and universities are Members. NAEP is a Member-focused Association providing progressive knowledge management in strategic sourcing, supply chain, materials and logistics for procurement professionals. NAEP provides professional development and networking opportunities regionally and nationally. These meetings, workshops and seminars provide knowledge transfer in procurement ranging from beginning to advanced professionals and are conducted throughout the year and across the nation.

Mission Statement

“ Our mission is to advance the development of ethical and innovative procurement strategies within educational institutions and associated communities through collaboration, professional development, networking and advocacy. ”

Vision Statement

“ NAEP will be recognized as the authority for innovative educational procurement and business solutions. ”

Why Institutions Join NAEP

Institutions join NAEP because we provide timely access to information purchasing professionals can't afford to be without. Our Members become a part of the specialized communications network linking institutional purchasing professionals nationwide.

Purchasing departments contribute to the overall mission of their organizations by making it possible for other departments to get more value for every dollar spent. Purchasing professionals serve as resources to every other department. To get the job done, the Purchasing Director or Materials Manager, etc., must have a thorough understanding of sources of supply, purchasing techniques, and current pricing. As this information is sensitive and perishable, the best way to stay up-to-date is through frequent contact with peers across the country.

NAEP Membership provides many varied networking opportunities. For example, one of the most effective sources of instant information available to purchasing professionals anywhere is our listserv, the NAEP e-mail network. Currently, over 1,000 Members participate as a benefit of Membership.

Membership connects every Member institution to NAEP's formal communications network of publication, seminars, special mailings, workshops, regional meetings, the annual meeting and distance learning opportunities. Through this formal network, NAEP keeps its Members up-to-date on developments within the profession. The informal communication network, perhaps the most frequently used service offered by the Association, is a natural offshoot of the formal network and is actively encouraged by NAEP. Through personal contact at meetings, institutes, our growing e-mail network and private exchanges, Members have ready access to a broad spectrum of expertise.

Given the pressing need to minimize operating expenses, every institution of higher learning and health care organization must ensure its purchasing is done as effectively as possible. Annually, our Members manage the expenditure of billions of dollars nationwide. No institution can afford to be without the valuable information available only through NAEP.

NAEP National Office, 8840 Stanford Boulevard, Suite 2000, Columbia, MD 21045

Phone Number: 443.281.9901 • Fax: 443.219.9687

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