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Update NAEP Board & NAEP staff
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7/5/2017 at 1:18:10 PM GMT
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Update NAEP Board & NAEP staff


I hope all is well with my fellow Great Lakes NAEP members!

I want to give you an update on what the NAEP staff and Board of Directors have been working on this year as we approach the coming Fall Regional meeting.

The Board of Directors and NAEP have been working on and collaborating with E&I to strengthen our relationship and to facilitate strategies to grow membership.  A subcommittee has met with the board members of E&I to discuss these strategies and improve communication between the two groups.  The NAEP Board feels that we have made significant progress in strengthening this relationship.  E&I Member Relations Executives are working in the field meeting with member institutions and non-member institutions promoting NAEP and its offerings.

Sarah Nicewarner has been added to the NAEP staff to work with professional development.  We have already noticed a significant difference in professional development offerings for our members.  Sarah is able to offer 2-3 webinars per month at no additional cost which increases the deliverable to our members.   I personally have already taken advantage of two webinars in recent months.

The Board of Directors and the NAEP staff are also working on initiatives to increase membership, looking at ways to create value to our regions and to use NAEP assets such as registration system, banking relationships, web sites, regional calendar, onboarding....

The Board of Directors has tasked a sub-committee to look at starting a revision of the By-Laws to modernize.

One last final thought before I close.  We are only as strong as our commitment, participation and engagement to this professional group.  I strongly encourage you to talk to your peer institutions to talk about what you have gained from being a member of NAEP, participate in the annual meeting by volunteering to serve as leaders, volunteer to serve on committees or act on the call for programs, and network and engage with your fellow NAEP members.

Please feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Champaign, IL for another fabulous annual meeting!



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