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Annual Meeting 2016: Leadership Forum

A popular add-on event at the NAEP Annual Meeting, the Leadership Forum enhances the skills and job knowledge of procurement professionals. Designed for upcoming and current procurement leaders, the interactive session prepares you for the challenges and changes in higher education globally and procurement specifically. The 2016 topic is:

Use of Self: Strengthening Your Emotional Intelligence

Sunday, May 22, 2016  |  11:30 am - 4:30 pm (Includes lunch)

About the Forum:

As a leader, you are expected to inspire trust and provide stability, hope, and compassion to your customers and staff. This requires a professional presence that makes use of wide range of competencies, tools and techniques.


Professional presence is about use of self with intent, in other words, emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional intelligence allows you to be aware of yourself and others, and to selectively use that awareness to effectively manage yourself and your relationships.


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the process of noticing your own internal experience and paying attention to the reactions and responses of others.  Unlike IQ  and personality traits, emotional intelligence can be learned, enhanced and improved. By building self-awareness and self-management, and recognizing your own motivators, you are better able to relate to and influence others through social awareness (empathy) and relationship management skills.


This session is designed to strengthen your emotional intelligence and help you better understand its relevance to and impact on customer service and organizational effectiveness. As a result of this session, you will be better able to communicate effectively and support the working relationships that are essential to operational success.



The session will address the following topics:

  • What is emotional intelligence (EQ)?
  • Why is EQ sometimes more important than IQ?
  • What are the key components of emotional intelligence?
  • What are strategies for applying and strengthening emotional intelligence?
  • What is your plan for raising your EQ?

About the Presenter:

Debra Alexander is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of organizational development and instructional design.  Her areas of expertise include improving individual, group and organizational performance, developing instructional materials and building organizational capacity by training trainers.  She also develops policies and procedures, facilitates groups and leadership retreats, and identifies key performance indicators (KPIs) in support of strategic planning and change initiatives.  She completed a M.S. in Human Resources and Organizational Development at American University, doctoral studies in Adult Education and Workplace Learning at College, Columbia University and received a post graduate certification in Organization and Systems Development from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Organization Development at the University of St. Thomas. Her dissertation topic is Radical Inclusion: Making Organizations Safe for Humankind..

Fun Fact: Deb was born in Mississippi and has visited 48 states and one U.S. territory.


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