National Association of Educational Procurement 


NAEP's Volunteers make up the core of the Member experience. These generous individuals share their time and expertise for the benefit of everyone associated with NAEP. From our Committees to our Annual Meeting, our Volunteers are what truly makes NAEP Your Association, Your Way!

Each Committee is encouraged to:

  • Develop recommendations concerning programs and activities related to their assigned charge.
  • Evaluate specific Association activities on an outgoing basis and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Keep the Board of Directors and their staff liaison informed of trends and developments in the assigned area.
  • Actively work with the National Office when operational tasks have been assigned.

Committee Chairs are responsible for submitting periodic reports as indicated in their charge; motivating Committee Members; and the overall functions of the Committee. Where appropriate, the Committee Chair may invite a Member of the Committee to serve as Vice-Chair to provide assistance during the year. Both the Chair and the Vice-Chair earn one C.P.M. point.

NAEP Committees are established by the Board and are accountable to it. Committees have an advisory relationship to the Board. Their recommendations help in the formulation of future policies and the development of programs. Committee chairs keep the Board informed through periodic reports. Specific NAEP Committees have been asked to provide operational assistance to the National Office in the accomplishment of stated goals. The Marketing & Volunteer Coordinator schedules, and is present on, all Committee calls serving as a liaison between the Committees and the National Office. The basic responsibilities of the liaison are two-fold:

  1. to provide direct lines of communication between the Committees and the National Office
  2. to provide necessary assistance for the implementation of the Committee charges.

The National Organization does not regularly provide Committees with financial support. If the Chair determines funds are needed to allow the Committee to fulfill its charge, the Co-Chair(s) should contact the National Office.

Committee Communication
Most Committee Chairs report directly to the NAEP Board President. The Committees with ongoing operational responsibilities report to the NAEP CEO. A reporting schedule will be established for each Committee. Normally, an interim written report is submitted prior to NAEP's Winter Board Meeting. The final report summary is submitted in person by the Committee Chairs or designated representatives at the Board Meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting each Spring.