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FREE! Growing Stronger! Green Procurement in the New Economy Trends within Higher Education

Presented by Eric Zoetmulder
Director of Product Marketing

Eric Zoetmulder is responsible for driving SciQuest product strategy and setting market direction in the Public Sector.

Presented by Brian Yeoman
Director of Sustainable Leadership

Brian Yeoman has been the City Director of the Clinton Climate Initiative in Houston, Texas, since April 2007. MORE

We are proud to present the third installment of the annual NAEP Green Procurement Survey. The strategic goal of the survey is to measure progress of green procurement practices at our 1200+ Member institutions.
A big thank you to our participants and we hope you continue the drive towards a greener future!
Objectives include: How much progress has been made in driving green procurement initiatives; Where participants themselves stand in comparison to the survey takers; What can be done to improve.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How much progress has been made in driving green procurement initiatives.
  • Where participants themselves stand in comparison to the survey takers.
  • What can be done to improve.
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FREE! U.S. Communities Webcast: New Food Contract Introduced by U.S. Communities
Learn how U.S. Communities’ new Food Distribution and Related Supplies and Services contract with Premier Foodservice and U.S. Foodservice can help your higher education institution deliver the best Foodservice to your employees, students, faculty and staff. Delivering over 190 active Contracted Manufacturer Agreements (CMAs), driving discounts up to 20% on over 32,000 products along with other key benefits which will be presented, this contract will help your higher education institution save time and money in this challenging economic time.

Presented by
Jessica Dalton, North Carolina State University
Kathy Kickert, Premier, Inc.
Mary Pelfrey, U.S. Communities

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FREE! U.S. Communities Webcast: Buying Local to Help Your Community
In these challenging economic times, cost-savings in any area of business is certainly welcomed; even mandatory measures are welcomed to keep higher education institutions running and thriving. Learn how one cooperative’s new office supplies contract can help you save money while helping your community by “buying” local. If you make purchasing decisions for your institution or organization, you’ll want to view this webcast; you will learn how using the U.S. Communities Office Supplies Contract can help you save money while helping your community and information about the new contract and the values and benefits it delivers.

Presented by
Gerry Plummer, County of Los Angeles
Neera Yanus, Independent Stationers
Angela Isbell, Independent Stationers
Phil Letendre, U.S. Communities

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FREE! American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Resources for Higher Education
Managing procurement funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act poses some major challenges for colleges and universities. Programs mandate that the funds be spent quickly and in a transparent, effective and efficient manner. Learn how one national cooperative purchasing program provides higher education institutions with pracitcal resources, solutions and cost savings to address these unprecedented challenges.

Presented by
Bob Wood, North Carolina State University
Chris Mellis, U.S. Communities
Keith Vos, The Home Depot

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An Interview with Leaders-Their Thoughts and Journey

Joyce Haney, C.P.M.
Spend this hour and fifteen minutes with several respected educational procurement leaders. During this panel discussion, they will be asked to share personal experiences, insights and lessons learned along the way and to offer insight and advice on relevent leadership topics.

Presented by
Joyce Haney, C.P.M., Penn State University
Linda Collins, University of California San Diego
Sandy Hicks, CPPB, University of Colorado
Tom Kaloupek, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

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Best Practice with Suppliers-Interactive Panel Discussion

Sandy Hicks, CPPB
Join us for a lively, candid panel discussion where you will learn from a supplier perspective what Universities do well and not so well with their business practices. Dialogue on how the current economic times affect our business will also be held. This session may challenge those business practices you are embracing today.

Presented by
Sandy Hicks, CPPB, University of Colorado
Howie Aroesty, Staples Advantage
James Knight, Huron Consulting Group
J.T. McGuire, Fisher Scientific

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They Told Us Where to Go

Nancy Brooks, MPA
A panel of three procurement directors will be presenting the strategic viewpoints of their top administration regarding where the institution needs purchasing to go, what purchasing needs to be contributing to the institution and how they envision the role of purchasing in the next five to ten years.

Presented by
Nancy Brooks, MPA, Iowa State University
Jim Hine, University of California, San Francisco
Rob Kelly, C.P.M., CPIM, CPSM, University of Notre Dame

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Req to Check: Life in the Trenches

Jack Zencheck
A panel with representatives from a large, medium and small school will discuss how they have implemented true Procurement (Requisition to Check) within their organization. Learn the pitfalls and audit concerns from those who have been there.

Presented by
Jack Zencheck, C.P.M., Yeshiva University
Paul McGowan, Boston College
Debbie Reynolds, University of North Texas

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FREE! Automating the Procurement Process: A Success Story

Presented by Paul W. Martin
Assistant Vice President
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mr. Martin has been the Assistant Vice President at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute since 2003. In addition to Purchasing he has operating responsibility for Auxiliary Services...

Presented by Ann Crislip
Director of Materials Management
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ann Crislip is the Director of Materials Management for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), a global leader in science, engineering, and technology... MORE

Presented by Mary Alice O'Brien
Manager of Business Support
Integrated Administrative Computing Services Department
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Ms. O'Brien has been at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute since 1979. She has over 20 years of experience...
Who should attend: Purchasing Professionals along with project teams geared toward achieving Excellence in Procurement

Description: Presented in a case study, Paul Martin, Ann Crislip & Mary Alice O'Brien of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) will outline how a leading University created a complete electronic procure to pay process. Attendees will learn how RPI leveraged the results to streamline its purchasing and settlement processes. The solution enabled RPI to eliminate inefficient paper-driven processes, accelerate delivery of goods, take advantage of pre-negotiated cost-saving contracts, control maverick spending, and gain real-time visibility into organizational spending.

RPI also wanted to cut the administrative processing costs and shorten the cycle time of workflow from days to hours. RPI exceeded those goals and will share those results. Martin, along with Ann Crislip and Mary Alice O'Brien, will offer best practices that attendees can apply at their organizations, including gathering executive buy-ins and support, ensure painless e-Procurement implementation and integration, foster complete adoption, and develop long-term strategy for streamlining workflow. Presenters will answer questions on a range of related topics such as metrics, reporting, approval processes, supplier enablement, e-Sourcing capabilities and other components of RPI's realization of automating the procurement process.

Collaboration between RPI and SciQuest resulted in several marquee firsts from efforts taken nearly ten years ago and the relationship remains solid today. The successes that RPI has had resulted in SciQuest's nomination for NAEP's Award of Excellence in Procurement which was awarded to RPI in April, 2009 at NAEP's 88th Annual Meeting.

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2009 Annual Meeting Webcasts
The 2009 Annual Meeting Webcasts are now online. The following titles are available for purchase (click on the session title to purchase at the NON-MEMBER rate of $199 per session):

  Opening Keynote: Digitizing Knowledge
Presented by Jaime Casap (Project Manager, Google, Inc.)
Proactively Promoting Procurement
Presented by Sandy Hicks, CPPB (NAEP's Sr. Vice President and Assistant VP & Chief Procurement Officer at the University of Colorado) & Charlene Lydick, C.P.M. (Associate Director of Procurement, University of Colorado)
Unleashing Your Organization's Green Potential - Sustainable Procurement Strategies for a Global Economy
Presented by Mark Buckley (VP of Environmental Affairs, Staples, Inc.)
Benchmarking Performance Outcomes
Presented by Nancy S. Brooks, MPA (NAEP's Immediate Past President and Director of Purchasing at Iowa State University)
Import / Export Compliance Workshop
Presented by Sarah Reynolds of American River International

Member Price: $129 per session (You must be logged in to get the Member price)
Non-Member Price: $199 per session.

FREE TO MEMBERS! Methodologies, Tools, Process and Outcomes - E&I's Strategic Sourcing Process
Presented by Vincent Patriarco (Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing and Business Development, E&I Cooperative Purchasing) and Fernando Prieto (Manager, Strategic Sourcing, E&I Cooperative Purchasing)

FREE TO MEMBERS! Premier, Inc. Showcase—Higher Ed, the Economy & Washington, DC
Presented by Blair Childs, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Premier, Inc.



Presented by
Chris Mihok
Yale University

Procurement has embraced change and adapted over the years. The bottom line however is that achieving measurable savings is the principal method by which Procurement can demonstrate its value in supporting the institution's educational mission. A significant obstacle in quantifying the value of Procurement is the lack of standardization among schools in measuring cost savings and other benefits gained through the actions of Procurement.

The purpose of this webcast is to propose and explain a universally-accepted definition of cost savings and to identify the tools to use in developing a successful cost savings and benefits program.

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Non-Member Price: $199

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