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The Regions that are eligible to receive
Haas Memorial Scholarships in 2012 are:

  • Michigan
  • Great Lakes
  • MINK
  • Minnesota/Dakotas
  • TOAL
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Northwest
  • Pacific

The Regions that will be eligible to receive
Haas Memorial Scholarships in 2013 are:

  • New England
  • Upstate New York
  • Metro New York/New Jersey
  • Delaware/Pennsylvania/West Virginia
  • DC/Maryland/Virginia
  • Kentucky
  • Carolinas
  • Florida
  • TAGM


Sons & Daughters Scholarship Fund


  • To support and encourage the higher education of dependents of NAEP Members.
  • To add to the value of NAEP participation and Membership.
  • To recognize professional service provided to NAEP and to Member Institutions.

Named scholarship funds may carry a designation to specify that the award is for a particular region or district applicant; for instance, as long as the designation is not in conflict with the general concepts of the NAEP Sons and Daughters Scholarship Fund and is approved by the current Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Selection and Award

  1. In October of each year, the NAEP Director of Finance will advise the Scholarship Committee Chair how many $1,000 scholarships will be available for award.
  2. In October, the Chair will announce the availability of scholarships to the Membership via all available communications channels. Applications will be due at a specified date in February.
  3. NAEP will verify that all applicants are from institutions that are current Members of the Association.
  4. The Chair will appoint three members of the Scholarship Committee to serve on the Evaluation Committee. Members of the Evaluation Committee will review the applications and make award recommendations to the Chair. The basis for award recommendations will be at the sole discretion of the members of the Evaluation Committee.
  5. The Chair will act upon the recommendations of the Selection Committee in such time as to be able to make the award announcements at the NAEP Annual Meeting.
  6. Awarded $1,000 Scholarships will be paid to the institution where the recipient has enrolled, and not directly to the recipient.

For more information on how your organization can contribute the NAEP Sons & Daughters Scholarship Fund, or to establish a fund named for your organization, please contact Stan Cowan, NAEP Manager of Finance & Administration, at 443.543.5527 or by e-mail at

To review the eligibility requirements and application, please Click HERE.
We are currently accepting applications for NAEP’s first $1,000 scholarship to be awarded in the Spring 2012. Applications must be postmarked by no later than February 1, 2012.

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William E. Haas Memorial Scholarship Fund

You're a part of our community and you can make a difference.

Bill Haas did in 1979 and he is still making a difference to this day.

Almost 30 years ago William E. Haas, former Procurement Officer at Duke University, spearheaded a campaign for a scholarship fund to help Members attend professional development courses. Professional development helps foster procurement practices that are at the leading edge, and that enable our Membership to continually respond to the changing needs and goals of their universities with strategies that work.

Since it's inception in 1979, the William E. Haas Memorial Scholarship Fund has granted scholarships to over 150 Members. We've come a long way since those early days when Bill Haas used his own money to help seed this fund. In 2006 we were able to increase the grants by providing a $1,000 scholarship to each of our 18 regions on a bi-annual basis due to generous donations and wise stewardship of these funds.

We have come far but not far enough. The NAEP Scholarship Committee, comprised of NAEP Member Volunteers, has established a realistic and reachable goal of adding $50,000 to the Bill Haas Memorial Scholarship Fund by 2012. This will enable NAEP to increase our awards to the Membership from bi-annually to annually.

We can only reach our goals with your support. We have created many opportunities to make it easy for you to support procurement in higher education. And your generous donation is tax-deductible. What better cause could we engage in than supporting our own Membership in its endeavor to continually improve professionally?

Contributing to the fund is as simple as making a call. Any contribution helps us reach our goal of helping as many procurement professionals as possible. We greatly appreciate your interest.

You're a part of our community and you can make a difference.

Click HERE to download more information about the William E. Haas Memorial Scholarship Fund in PDF format. 
Click HERE to download more information about the William E. Haas Memorial Scholarship Fund in Word format.

William E. Haas Memorial Scholarship Fund donations are handled on a case-by-case basis and can be made in one donation or as a monthly pledge.

To make a donation please contact Shaunte' Shelton-Slappy at 443-543-5541.

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Nancy Tregoe Scholarship

To provide professional development opportunities for a current Member who has made contributions to NAEP and E&I.

Nancy Tregoe served as the Director of Purchasing and Administrative Services for Lafayette College for more than 25 years. Nancy was Past President of the National Association of Educational Buyers and a long-time member of the E&I Board of Directors. Nancy was a very special friend, a devoted colleague and a tireless advocate for small school issues.

The Nancy Tregoe Scholarship was created to honor Nancy's legacy and to encourage others to become active in NAEP.

Award Criteria
The Applicant shall demonstrate a commitment to NAEP and E&I and an interest in professional growth and development.

The Applicant may be contacted to verify and add data to the application received.

Click HERE for the Nomination Form.