National Association of Educational Procurement 


Our Professional Development opportunities are available to Members at reduced rates for the purpose of maintaining certifications and furthering the Procurement profession.

Face-to-Face Events
Face-to-Face Events are learning opportunities that take place in person at meetings or by special arrangement. These include Academies, Institutes and Professional Development Workshops.

On-Line Learning
On-Line Learning consists of Webcasts and Podcasts. Webcasts are online learning events that include audio and visual elements. Podcasts are online learning events that have an audio component only.

  • Webcasts
  • Podcasts

On-Demand Learning
On-Demand Learning consists of downloadable and/or CD/DVD media that have audio and visual components and are available for purchase at any time. Unlike many webcasts and podcasts these tools can be purchased and viewed at will instead of on a set schedule.

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Scholarships are available to Members to allow them to participate in learning events that their departments might not otherwise be able to afford or be willing to purchase. A variety of scholarships are available to Members for career enhancement opportunities.

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