National Association of Educational Procurement 


Tiered Institutes
The Academy offers a three-tiered learning experience, with each tier emphasizing a different procurement perspective. The tiers are arranged in a learning format, from basic to advanced, and are identified as Foundation, Professional, and Senior Professional. NAEP has been researching ways to improve the structure of the Institutes in order to make them more accessible to a greater number of people and the result is our new NAEP Procurement Academy. NAEP has packaged our academies to make it easier for you to train larger groups locally for less, and re-market available seats to other schools in your area. We encourage you to host or attend the tiers in a sequential order, based upon your personal experience in higher education procurement.

Industry-Focused Institutes
Our industry–focused institutes are dedicated to specific procurement needs, such as Furniture Procurement, Central Stores, e-Commerce and Travel—whatever is of current concern to our Members. We will be asking you for input—continually—through focus groups, surveys, and listserv queries. We will continue to offer these industry-focused courses, along with the NAEP Procurement Academy and the Professional Leadership Academy.

Facilities Institutes
Facilities management, construction and renovation occupy much of our time and budget as well as involve multiple campus departments and people.  Our involvement and support of these on-campus customers is highly visible and offer us solid opportunities to have our contributions deliver real value to our campuses. The Facilities Institute is divided into two main tracks:  (a) Facilities, Management, MRO & Maintenance, and (b) Construction and Renovation.  Attendees have the ability to choose which sessions they attend, in either track, based on their needs.

Sustainability Institute

All living systems depend upon the maintenance of sustainable environmental systems to continue to renew themselves and prosper. From administration to faculty to the student body, everyone is aware that the current generation has an obligation to future generations. But how do you go GREEN? What is the business case? What steps you should take? What higher education models and resources are readily available?

NAEP’s Sustainability Institute will deliver actionable answers to these questions, and help you to lay the groundwork for an effective, high impact, and high visibility program for your campus. You’ll meet the higher education thought leaders who have made it happen on their own campuses. You’ll interact with experienced professionals from organizations like the National Wildlife Fund and Second Nature. You’ll leave inspired with a notebook full of best practices and cutting edge ideas that can really help you lead your institution.

Supplier Diversity
This is the premier event for large and small higher education institutions who want to make a supplier diversity initiative succeed. Business Diversity programs have clearly demonstrated that they build resilience in those institutions that have embraced these principles. Higher Education can and should set the bar for diversity in all areas: students, suppliers, faculty and administration. This is a functional how-to-plan that allows you to execute a successful supplier diversity program. Join key thought leaders and government officials for this compelling event that speaks to the unique environment of higher education.