National Association of Educational Procurement 


Procurement within an institutional setting is unique. Although procurement practices of the commercial world are useful and must be understood by those who purchase for the educational community, specially adapted approaches are required for nonprofit institutions. NAEP has developed various levels of professional development opportunities covering these specific and unique approaches. In addition, we provide many opportunities for Members to share information.

NAEP Procurement Academy
Leadership—It's Becoming

Leaders aren't born. They become. They grow. They work hard at learning how to lead. They attend NAEP’s Professional Development Academy.

Delivered in 3 Tiers (Foundation, Professional and Senior Professional), NAEP Procurement Academies deliver the best practices, insider intelligence and market knowledge you need to propel your career. NAEP has packaged our academies to make it easier for you to train larger groups locally for less, and re-market available seats to other schools in your area. This model is so effective, that Sandy Hicks of the University of Colorado, who hosted a Foundation Academy, had this to say about her experience:

"...Thanks to the substantial savings in cost-per-participant …we were able to extend this ... opportunity to a larger group of individuals including those more peripherally involved in university procurement activities. Academy lecturers provided a solid foundation. As an added benefit — the highly interactive nature of the class provided numerous opportunities for in-depth review of our own internal business processes. Results of the on-site presentation are tangible and gratifying: a deeper understanding of procurement as a whole, a renewed sense of commitment to the profession, and the increase in job satisfaction that ongoing professional development and continuous learning typically instill."

All courses are open to Members of NAEP and to non-Members, as well.

Keep in mind that NAEP Membership is "institutional". That means that everyone employed by your institution is an NAEP Member, entitled to NAEP discounts and networking tools, such as everybody's favorite, the NAEP Listserv. You will do your colleagues in other campus departments a favor by steering them to the NAEP Website, where they can find full details of the latest courses available. Think of your customers on campus: the Facilities Manager, Stores Manager, anyone who is responsible for running or supporting some facet of the higher education institution. The more they learn about purchasing, the easier and more productive your working relationship with them will become.

If you are interested in hosting an Academy at your school, please contact Jackie Harget at the NAEP Home Office.

Tier I: Foundation
Building a firm FOUNDATION of procurement skills is paramount for the emerging purchasing professional. Tier I, FOUNDATION, is designed for the individual just beginning a purchasing career, who may have one to three years of purchasing experience. This learning session helps you examine fundamental purchasing skills, techniques, and practices. Learning Outcomes include:  learning procurement cycle basics; how to assess various sourcing strategies; how to develop solicitations from elements of a bid to specification writing; discover the various bid evaluation methods; participate in negotiations and ethics discussions and exercises; and how to assess customer service and supplier relations values and barriers. As a result of attending this intense, two-day session, you will immediately become a valued, informed contributor to your organization with new, state-of-the art skills and knowledge.

Academy Overview

  • Procurement Cycle
  • Ethics
  • Legal Aspects
  • Specification Development
  • Sourcing
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Evaluating Offers
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Customer Service

Foundation Faculty

Charlene Lydick, C.P.M., Associate Director of Procurement, University of Colorado
Ted Nasser, C.P.M., Senior Buyer, University of Arizona
Robert Haverkamp, Esq., The Ohio State University (retired)

Tier II: Professional
The purpose of Tier II, PROFESSIONAL, is to teach the skills and tools needed to expand upon the industry's issues and challenges. Learning Outcomes include:  gaining in-depth knowledge of how to analyze elements of a contract, terms and conditions, insurance requirements and indemnification; understanding contract risk, contract administration, performance plans, compliance, cure notices, contract modifications and the supplier appeal process; you will be able to demonstrate techniques for implementing strategic sourcing, determine when it is most beneficial, monitor compliance and understand reporting requirements; develop an integrated understanding of customer relationships and supplier relations, learn strategies, tools and how ethics affects relationships; develop an understanding of principled negotiations; analyze the strategies to measure performance of purchasing from cost saving calculations and TCO to understanding financial statements; and you will learn the legal aspects of anti-trust laws, deemed exports, what to look for in a contract, problems, breeches and remedies. This session is designed for the more advanced procurement professional with five to eight years of experience in purchasing. Recent college graduates seeking to enhance their skill sets as they prepare to enter the job market will also find value in this program.

Academy Overview

  • Contract Development
  • Contract Administration
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Relationship Development & Management
  • Negotiation Skill Focused on Stakeholders
  • Developing Professional Credibility
  • Benchmarking / Financial
  • Legal Aspects

Professional Faculty
Nancy Brooks, MPA, Director of Purchasing, Iowa State University
Christopher Johnson, C.P.M., Director - Contracts & Purchasing Services, University of Idaho
Burr Millsap, CPA, M.B.A., Associate Vice President for Administrative Affairs, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus

Tier III: Senior Professional
Tier III, SENIOR PROFESSIONAL, is designed for the experienced procurement professional with more than eight years of experience in purchasing and/or management responsibility. Learning Outcomes include:  advanced training in areas of analyzing personal and institutional leadership philosophies and strategies including strategic alignment and change management; supervision and management skills needed in the changing the higher education human resource environment; assessing the developing procurement performance metrics based on technology and applications; how to identify strategic partners, problem solving techniques and how to develop and maintain those relationships; and understanding the dynamics of ethics, conflict of interest, risk assessment and other legal aspects that affect procurement, administration and the institution.

Academy Overview

  • Leadership 
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Procurement Trends
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Managing Organizational Dynamics
  • Discussion of Legal Aspects

Senior Professional Faculty
Ray Jensen, C.P.M., Associate Vice President of Administration, Arizona State University
Craig Passey, C.P.M., Strategic Sourcing Manager, LDS Church Purchasing Division, Brigham Young University
Robert Haverkamp, Esq., The Ohio State University (retired)