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NAEP is in the process of converting to a new ERP software platform. As we transition our database to the new platform, we will be moving our membership data from one platform to another. Beginning November 5, 2013, any membership profile updates may not be included in our conversion process.

We anticipate the new ERP system and website to be operational in early 2014. If you have changes or updates to your profile, please email them to to ensure they are included in the new platform.


What does Primary Institution Contact mean?
The Primary Institution Contact is the main contact for your institution's account.  For the purposes of voting, billing and managing your institution's roster one person at your institution is designated as the Primary Institution Contact.  This individual can vote in elections on behalf of your institution, is the person contacted about Membership dues and renewals, and can modify your institution's roster by adding names to the roster or changing information that is already contained in the roster.  The Primary Institution Contact is usually the individual who created their institution's account but this does not have to be the case - anyone at a Member institution may be assigned this role.  A Member institution may have only one Primary Institution Contact and every Member institution must have a person designated in this role.

NAEP also requests that a Member institution also designate an Alternate Institution Contact in their institution's roster so that we can contact a Member institution if the Primary Institution Contact is unavailable.