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NAEP Membership is institutional, not individual. Our annual dues are paid by institutions and cover the involvement of several employees. If an institution is a Member, any employee with purchasing responsibility may take full advantage of NAEP's services.

Institution-based NAEP Membership supports the myriad of campus professionals with procurement responsibility in today's distributed purchasing model. Access to the procurement community intelligence and best practices via listservs, regional groups, website, professional development and publications makes information easy to find and easy to act upon.

Each individual involved in procurement within a Member institution can have an email address and listing in the NAEP Membership Directory. There is no limit to the number of individuals within the Member institution that are entitled to attend NAEP's Annual Meeting & Exposition, Webinars, Institutes and Academies at the Member rate. NAEP's quarterly publication, the Journal, is sent free of charge to the Primary Institution Contact at every Member institution, and additional subscriptions may be ordered at the Member discounted rate.

Member Benefits and Career Guide
Information about NAEP's Member benefits at your fingertips. Visit the Member Benefits and Career Guide by clicking HERE.