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There are many benefits available to ALL classes of NAEP Members.

Professional Development
Purchasing professionals can share insights with peers and sharpen their skills and knowledge through expert instruction at our various institutes & academies.

Our Procurement Academies offer a three-tiered learning experience, with each tier emphasizing a different procurement perspective. The tiers are arranged in a learning format, from basic to advanced, and are identified as Foundation, Professional, and Senior Professional. These academies are available in our new Hosting Model which will allow for your institution to schedule any level of the three-tiered learning experience at the location of your choice. You can have this program available to only the staff at your institution, or you can join forces with other local institutions and hold a larger session. All you need to do is initiate a contract with NAEP scheduling an academy and NAEP will do the rest.

Our Industry-Focused Institutes are dedicated to specific procurement needs, such as P-Card/e-Procurement, Travel-whatever is of current concern to our Members. We will continue to offer these industry-focused courses, along with the NAEP Procurement Academy and the Professional Leadership Academy.

Our Educational Webcasts offer professional development right at your desktop! Featuring expert facilitators and industry thought leaders, these live events offer unsurpassed intelligence on the topics that are at the top of your list today!

NAEP Annual Meeting & Exposition
This four-day program typically offers more than 50 workshops of interest to Members; tpics of immediate concern are covered in Roundtable Discussion Groups. This meeting is the largest gathering of campus purchasing professionals held anywhere. The informal contact the Annual Meeting provides with more than 500 purchasing professionals from around the country is one of the major benefits of NAEP Membership. The candid exchange of views at this meeting helps Members build a personal informational network on a nationwide basis. Our more than 150-booth exhibit provides the latest product information and services available to meet your needs. This is one event you don't want to miss. Visit our Events Calendar to learn more about our upcoming Annual Meeting.

Together with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and several other groups serving the purchasing profession, NAEP has long sponsored the Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) program and Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) program. Due to changes at ISM, this will be changing. After December 31, 2008, ISM will no longer allow anyone to register for any of the four exams leading to the C.P.M. designation. ISM will allow testing until December 31, 2009, but only for those registered by December 31, 2008. The ISM website,, has extensive details on the dates, testing requirements and other particulars. At the ISM website, you will also find a wealth of information on the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) designation, which is replacing the C.P.M. after December 2008. The site discusses why it is being added, who can quality for the testing, what those qualifications are, what deadlines come into play for transitioning from C.P.M. to CPSM, what the CPSM exam specifications are, what study materials are recommended, and information relative to those holding the C.P.M. and their retaining of that certification. NAEP workshops allow Members to earn continuing education hours towards recertification. For more detailed information such as: Certification exam requirements, on-line testing exam preparation, on-line forms, etc., visit ISM's website ( and select "Certification (A.P.P./C.P.M.)" from their menu.Note: Only ISM members will be eligible for discounted rates on ISM seminars, test materials, etc.

Listserv: Communicate with professionals from over 1,500 institutions nationwide by keeping up-to-date with the latest sources of supplies, current pricing, purchasing techniques and much more.

Click HERE to view all of the listservs available to NAEP Institutional Members. We offer national and regional networks for you to connect with your peers locally or nationally. Frequent contact with peers across the country through our listservs provides timely access via email to information purchasing professionals can't afford to be without. Our Members rate the National Listserv as one of the most important tools available to them.

Website Access
NAEP's website carries the latest information regarding Association events, regional groups/meeting information, committees, job postings, professional development opportunities, the Purchasing Link, NAEP/E&I's on-line source for purchasing news, links to other associations, over 50 links to NAEP purchasing websites of member institutions, and much more!

Regional Groups
Nineteen NAEP regional groups serve Members across the country. Having a large number of relatively small groups meeting locally ensures that even the smallest institutions with the most restricted travel budgets may become personally involved with our Association. All regional groups hold at least one meeting per year. These one- to four-day meetings combine presentations by industry experts, Members, and suppliers. The majority of NAEP regions also feature supplier exhibits.

The Educational Procurement Journal is the Association's primary print forum for the exchange of information among Members. Quarterly, we publish columns, articles, survey tabulations and letters from Members. For example, we feature Corey Harms' thought provoking Heard on the Street, and many other great articles. A single copy of the NAEP Journal is sent to each Primary Institution Contact. The Journal is also available online in digital format every month and is available to all Members and anyone who visits

The Purchasing Link is your monthly source for purchasing news and offers NAEP's Bulletin, The E&I Report, and Commentaries by Neil Markee and other guest authors. You can access the current on-line issue of Purchasing Link by visiting NAEP's PUBLICATIONS page.

NAEP also offers a number of manuals, booklets, online libraries and monographs on matters of specific interest to purchasing professionals serving higher education, which are all located on the PUBLICATIONS page.

Collaborative Development
Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services, Inc. (E&I) is a Member-Owned, not-for-profit purchasing cooperative and sister organization to NAEP. With so much purchasing power, E&I is able to secure highly favorable pricing for NAEP's Members. A tremendous selection of products and services meets Member needs for everything from institution-wide projects to individual items. All it takes to secure this relationship is a one-time five dollar investment and a current Membership in NAEP.