National Association of Educational Procurement 

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 DateTitleCityState or ProvinceEvent Code
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select8/4/20142014 Supplier Diversity InstituteChicagoILDIVER_2014DIVER_2014
select8/24/2014Strategic Procurement InstituteDenverCOSPI_14_3SPI_14_3
select9/9/2014Selecting Top Talent Using NAEP's Competency Model  WEB_SELECTWEB_SELECT
select9/14/20142014 Great Plains Fall Annual MeetingAmesIAREG_D5_14REG_D5_14
select9/16/20142014 Great Plains Fall Annual Meeting - ExhibitorAmesIAREG_D5E_14REG_D5E_14
select9/21/20142014 District VI Fall Regional Meeting- ExhibitorWestminsterCOREG_VIE_14REG_VIE_14
select9/21/20142014 District VI MeetingWestminsterCOREG_DVI_14REG_DVI_14
select9/21/20142014 TOAL Fall Regional MeetingWacoTXREG_TOL_14REG_TOL_14
select9/28/20142014 Kentucky Fall Regional MeetingJamestownKYREG_KEN_14REG_KEN_14
select10/5/20142014 TAGM Fall Regional MeetingAtlantaGAREG_TAG_14REG_TAG_14
select10/6/20142014 TAGM Fall Regional Meeting - ExhibitorAtlantaGAREG_TME_14REG_TME_14
select10/7/20142014 Upstate NY Fall Regional MeetingAlbanyNYREG_UNY_14REG_UNY_14
select10/8/20142014 Great Lakes Fall Regional MeetingIndianapolisINREG_GRL_14REG_GRL_14
select10/8/20142014 Upstate NY Fall Regional Meeting - ExhibitorAlbanyNYREG_UNYE14REG_UNYE14
select10/9/20142014 Great Lakes Fall Regional Meeting - ExhibitorIndianapolisINREG_GLE_14REG_GLE_14
select10/19/20142014 New England Annual Fall ConferenceFalmouthMAREG_NE_14REG_NE_14
select10/26/20142014 District II Fall Regional MeetingAtlantic CityNJREG_D2_14REG_D2_14
select11/12/2014Diversity Among Supplier Diversity in Higher Education  WEB_DIVERWEB_DIVER
select11/16/20142014 Carolinas Winter Regional MeetingAshevilleNCREG_CAR_14REG_CAR_14
select11/17/20142014 Carolinas Regional Meeting - ExhibitorAshevilleNCREG_CARE_4REG_CARE_4