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There are several levels of Business Affiliate Membership:
  • Platinum Business Affiliate Members
  • Gold Business Affiliate Members
  • Silver Business Affiliate Members
  • Basic Business Affiliate Members

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National Association of Educational Procurement


Gone are the days of procurement as a "behind the scenes" function. Today's procurement professionals have campus-wide influence; they are experienced and involved. Procurement professionals lead their universities in key initiatives by developing effective strategies for major expenditures such as energy, construction, and technology. They develop and manage campus-critical relationships with key suppliers and the local business community. Procurement is connected to every group on campus. And NAEP connects your organization to this high spending, well-connected group when you join NAEP as a Business Affiliate Member.

Office Equipment & Supplies 73%
Furniture 68%
Furnishings 62%
Computers 58%
Communications (including wireless) 58%
Electronics & Peripherals 57%
Computer Software 54%
Multimedia 49%
Lighting 49%
Security/Life Safety/Emergency Response 47%
Network Infrastructure & Cabling 47%
Building Products 47%
Door/Entry Systems 46%
Athletic Equipment 46%
Grounds Maintenance 45%
Food Service Equipment 44%
Automotive Products & Services 44%
Transportation & Freight Service Contracts 41%
Medical Equipment 41%
Energy Management Products 37%
Financial Services 35%
Travel Contracts 33%
Construction Equipment 33%
Park & Recreational Products 31%
Our recent study of 2006 Member spending reveals:

  • Our Members spent a median $60.4 million dollars in 2006
  • Over 35% of Members spent over $100 million dollars
  • 21% of Members spent greater than $250 Million in 2006
  • 3 out of every 4 Members manage the buying process
  • Over half (58%) have final approval
  • 63% Recommend Vendors, Brands and Models
  • 63% Evaluate and Approve Contracts
  • On Average, Members Buy for 3 or More Campuses
  • Greater than Half Select Vendors, Brands and Models
  • 38% Initiate Purchases

The wide variety of products and services our Members purchase reflects their expansive reach and influence on campus:

A good mix of large and small, public and private schools provide your organization with effective reach into the higher education market. NAEP Member Institutions:

  • 64% Public institutions
  • 36% Private institutions
  • 51% Small schools
  • 49% Large schools
Your Business Affiliate Membership gives you the opportunity to form lasting, strategic relationships with professionals that are equally invested for the long term. 40% of our Members have over 20 years of procurement experience.

High Impact, High Touch
Our Members rely on a variety of information sources to make their decisions. That's why an integrated, multiple touch-point program will yield the best results for your organization.

Here's where our Members told us they go to get the information they need:

Get in front of these Buyers with an NAEP Business Affiliate Membership.

Annual Meeting
March 21-24 , 2010
Denver Metro Convention Center, Denver, Colorado

89% of attendees to NAEP's Annual Meeting discover and VISIT at least one new supplier they were unaware of before attending.

"New products and supplier discussion are why I attend."

Overall, a whopping 86% of respondents to our recent subscriber study state they have taken action after seeing the advertising and editorial content of NAEP's Educational Procurement Journal.

Now with the accompanying electronic version of our quarterly publication, NAEP Members can reach you with a simple click of the mouse - all links are live!

NAEP Members are smart, forward thinking professionals at the forefront of their institution's key business initiatives. Your organization's leadership in these and other key areas would be of interest to NAEP Members and would provide additional options to create a one-of-a-kind Business Affiliate Program.


  • 66% of Members place greater emphasis on green approaches vs. 4 yrs ago
  • 33% have Offices of Sustainability
  • 90% take sustainability into account in making decisions on new products and equipment
  • 75% have already switched to environmentally friendly janitorial products
  • 75% are likely to consider LEED certification in future renovation/construction
  • 90% will use green criteria the next time they bid for building furnishing products & equipment


  • 62% of Members have a Supplier Diversity Officer
    • 49% of which is a full time position
  • 54% of staff with decision making authority have been trained in Supplier Diversity policies & procedures
  • 56% of Members state Supplier Diversity is their institutions core business strategy

Who is eligible to become an NAEP Business Affiliate?

NAEP Business Affiliate Members are privately or publicly held for-profit entities that support the goals and activities of NAEP, who have an interest in reaching procurement professionals in the education market, and who are able to conduct business relationships that adhere to our published code of ethics. Business Affiliate Members are corporations, organizations, manufacturers, and suppliers of goods and services that have an interest in the higher education and secondary education market.

*Business Affiliate Membership is not to be construed as an endorsement, actual or implied, by the Association of any product or service.

Code of Ethics
      1. Give first consideration to the objectives and policies of my institution.
      2. Strive to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.
      3. Decline personal gifts or gratuities.
      4. Grant all competitive suppliers equal consideration insofar as state or federal, state and institutional policy permit.
      5. Conduct business with potential and current suppliers in an atmosphere of good faith, devoid of intentional misrepresentation.
      6. Demand honesty in sales representation whether offered through the medium of a verbal or written statement, an advertisement, or a sample of the product.
      7. Receive consent of originator of proprietary ideas and designs before using them for competitive purchasing purposes.
      8. Make every reasonable effort to negotiate an equitable and mutually agreeable settlement of any controversy with a supplier; and/or be willing to submit any major controversies to arbitration or other third party review, insofar as the established policies of my institution permit.
      9. Accord a prompt and courteous reception insofar as conditions permit to all who call on legitimate business missions.
      10. Cooperate with trade, industrial and professional associations, and with governmental and private agencies for the purposes of promoting and developing sound business methods.
      11. Foster fair, ethical and legal trade practices.
      12. Counsel and cooperate with NAEP Members and promote a spirit of unity and a keen interest in professional growth among them.