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*Gale Hankins was selected to serve a second term as President of the Association by the Board at their regular meeting held during the 1983 NAEP Annual Meeting in Kansas City, MO, when President elect William Hass, left Duke University and higher education and was thus ineligible to serve as a Member of the Board or as the Association's President. The Board considered several alternatives including speeding up the normal rotation of Board Members "through the chairs" and inviting the Treasurer, who was not in the regular rotation, to move up, but after some discussion, they decided that naming Gale Hankins to serve another term was the best alternative.
2011 Carol Barnhill, C.P.M., APO, Arkansas State University
2010 Sandy Hicks, CPPB, University of Colorado
John Riley, C.P.M., Arizona State University
Nancy Brooks, MPA., Iowa State University
2007 Lorelei Meeker, C.P.M., Indiana University
2006 William R. Hardiman, C.P.M., George Mason University
2005 Michael S. Helm, Dickinson College
2004 John S. Klopp, University of Iowa
2003 Ray T. Jensen, C.P.M., Arizona State University
2002 Richard D. Scharff, C.P.M., San Diego State University
2001 Patricia Moore, University of Alabama in Huntsville
2000 Cathy Hill, Butler County Community College
1999 Gary D. Link, C.P.M., University of Kentucky
1998 Ralph P. Altvater, C.P.M., A.P.P., Father Flanagan's Boys' Home
1997 Marian Brown, C.P.M., Ithaca College
1996 Joan M. Gossman, C.P.M., Wayne State University
1995 Ted Brown, C.P.M., Auburn University
1994 Nancy Tregoe, Lafayette College
1993 C. Soledad Harmon, University of Oklahoma
1992 Joseph T. Bond, Memphis State University
1991 Frank Lopez, Fairleigh Dickinson University
1990 Ronald J. Santi, Iowa State University
1989 Harris Jorgensen, North Dakota State University
1988 Ronald C. Jones, University of Maryland
1987 Wesley E. Donaldson, Texas A & M University
1986 Dolly Prenzel, University of Virginia
1985 Earl K. Whitman, University of Oklahoma
1984 Richard L. Crowley, Pennsylvania State University
1983 Gale C. Hankins, University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry*
1982 Gale C. Hankins, University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry
1981 Robert E. Durland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1980 Richard L. Mooney, University of California - Los Angeles
1979 Dennis H. Mongoven, Wayne State University
1978 Jack Rutledge, Florida Junior College - Jacksonville
1977 George W. Morrell, Arizona State University
1976 Wallace B. Rogers, Cornell University
1975 E. Don Harmer, University of California - Santa Barbara
1974 Gerald F. Evans, Ohio University
1973 Earl F. Newland, Baylor University
1972 C. R. Peterson, Brigham Young University
1971 Lester E. Elliott, University of Illinois
1970 Eugene O. Ingram, University of Michigan
1969 Robert L. Tollerton, Rochester Institute of Technology
1968 John A. Pond, William Jewell College 
1967 William T. Haywood, Mercer University
1966 G. Edward Nealand, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
1965 A. Paul Nestor, University of Kentucky
Henry K. Nelson, Columbia University
1963 George W. Schwab, Louisiana State University
1962 William L. Christensen, University of Utah
1961 Elmer Jagow, Knox College
1960 Bruce J. Partridge, University of Delaware
1959 Carl A. Donaldson, University of Nebraska
1958 George W. Warren, Jr., Baltimore Department of Education
1957 Jack S. Reaves, University of Florida
1956 Melvin T. Tracht, Illinois Institute of Technology
1955 D. R. Kimrey, University of Oklahoma
1954 Henry L. Doten, University of Maine
1953 Forrest L. Abbott, Barnard College, Columbia University
1952 K. A. Jacobson, California Institute of Technology
1951 Jamie R. Anthony, Georgia Institute of Technology
1950 Rev. J. Leo Sullivan, College of the Holy Cross
1949 Holger B. Bentsen, George Williams College
1948 Charles Hoff, University of Omaha
1947 Gerald D. Henderson, Vanderbilt University
1946 James J. Ritterskamp, Jr., Washington University
1945 Francis G. Martineau, Brown University
1944 George H. Mew, Emory University
1943 E. E. Thompson, Syracuse University
1942 Claude L. Hough, Jr., The Principia
1941 D. L. Rhind, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1940 Charles E. Merry, George Washington University
1939 O. G. Sawyer, Duke University
1938 John F. Millizen, University of Illinois Medical School
1937 George R. Kavanaugh, Berea College
1936 F. Morris Cochran, Albion College
1935 H. M. Edwards, University of Illinois
1934 Foster J. Cole, Miami University
1933 Lee H. Morris, Southwestern Missouri State Teachers College
1932 William G. Morse, Harvard University
1931 William G. Morse, Harvard University
1930 Howard F. Herzog, Northwestern University
1929 Theodore M. Johnson, New York University
1928 Henry B. Abbett, University of Colorado
1927 George S. Frank, Cornell University
1926 L. F. Seaton, University of Nebraska
1925 R. M. Royer, Ohio State University
1924 F. X. Riger, University of Wisconsin
1923 John C. Dinsmore, University of Chicago
1922 Boulton Earnshaw, University of Pennsylvania
1921 J.C. Christensen, University of Michigan