National Association of Educational Procurement 


CONGRATULATIONS to our newly-elected Board Members!

Carol Barnhill, C.P.M.
Director of Procurement Services
Arkansas State University
Tom Kaloupek
Director of Materials Management
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Senior V.P.
Bill Harris, CPPO
Director of Purchasing
University of Kentucky
  District III
Judy Rees, C.P.M., A.P.P.
Director of Purchasing
ERAU Daytona Beach , FL
1st V.P.
Valerie Rhodes-Sorrelle, M.P.A., C.P.M., A.P.P.
Senior Strategic Sourcing Specialist
Grand Valley State University

District VI
Bruce Cherrin
Chief Procurement Oficer
University of New Mexico - Main Campus

2nd V.P.
Cory Harms M.S.
Assoc. Director of Purchasing
Iowa State University


New Board Members are elected each year by the Voting Membership. Nominees for office are working professionals who have been slated by a Nominating Committee (NC) which is constituted by the sitting BoD.

Although technically each nationally elected Board Member holds office for one year, because each Board Member follows the other "through the chairs," the practical term of office is five years. The regionally elected Board Members hold office for three-year terms. Regarding the nationally elected Board Members, the Voting Membership essentially determines who will become the NAEP President four years later.

The NC is responsible for identifying and slating two candidates for each open position for the national seats. A Nominating Committee guide assists with outlining the responsibilities of the NC as well as a guideline for those who are interested in seeking a seat on the Board.

Click HERE to download the Nominating Committee Guide.