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Experience the Magic of Collaboration & Partnerships at NAEP’s 2013 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

(Exhibits and Attendance Sold Out!)

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Disney's Contemporary Resort Orlando, Florida

Join Us In Orlando For Our 92nd Annual Meeting!

Procurement professionals can and do help shape their institution’s success. 2013’s theme, The Magic of Collaboration and Partnerships, will motivate attendees to combine the energy of the best practices in procurement innovation with the core proficiencies needed to bring those best practices to life.

There is a great deal of focus on the global economies and the impact on the larger global community, but the most effective community building begins with the collaborations that happen in your own back yard, on your campuses, and at your institutions. The economic challenges of recent years have brought greater attention to the need to collaborate and innovate. To weather this fiscal storm, your peers and colleagues have found new and creative ways to innovate and collaborate. We are seeking out those best practices, successes, and even missteps and failures that can be shared with other procurement professionals at our 92nd Annual Meeting & Exposition.

This event is designed to tap and fully capture the diverse array of expertise and wisdom amongst our Membership and other professionals allied by the Higher Education industry.

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